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Alexandria HR Outsourcing Firm Discusses Employee Wellness ProgramsFeatured PR

Smart HR, an Alexandria VA based HR outsourcing and consulting firm, recently created a blog that explains whether employee wellness program incentives are worth the investment to business owners.
Alexandria, Virginia, United States (pr4links.com) 27/12/2019
Smart HR, an Alexandria HR outsourcing firm, recently created a blog that explains whether employee wellness program incentives are worth the investment to business owners. Wellness programs are among the many HR functions that can have a significant impact on employees' health, mood, and productivity in the office and beyond.

Employee wellness programs consist of a variety of initiatives that help employees stay healthy or improve their health. These can include programs designed to help employees adopt healthier eating habits, challenge them to take 10,000 steps per day, or create self-care routines, among other options. Wellness programs typically offer rewards for participating in healthy activities or achieving certain results. Challenges and rewards can be offered on an individual or group basis, with teams pooling their efforts to compete against one another for the prize. Some of these programs are ongoing, offering guidance and recognition for meeting certain goals throughout the year, and others may last for a short period of time.

Whatever type of wellness program you choose to implement, you'll likely begin seeing positive changes in your employees and business. Healthier employees will incur lower healthcare costs, helping you save money on insurance costs and allowing employees to save more for other endeavors. They may also be more productive, needing fewer breaks to comfortably complete their work thanks to a renewed ability to focus. Absenteeism due to illness or doctor's appointments can also decline. Several government programs offer tax incentives for introducing specific programs and encouraging participation in them, allowing your company to recoup some operating costs. Finally, healthier employees are typically happier with their jobs and appreciate their employers' sincere interest in their health, improving retention and attracting highly qualified applicants for new jobs.

Contact SmartHR for more information about ideas for employee wellness programs or to learn more about their benefits. SmartHR provides a range of outsourced HR functions for businesses of all sizes, including consulting, executive coaching, and day to day HR operations. The firm can be contacted online at https://www.smarthrinc.com/ or by phone at 703-952-3177. Smart HR is headquartered at 917 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.


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