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BenefitCorp, an employee benefits consulting agency, recently unveiled their new website design, which features an improved user interface and other upgrades.
Dallas, Texas, United States (pr4links.com) 27/12/2019
BenefitCorp, an employee benefits consulting agency, recently unveiled their new website design, which features an improved user interface and other upgrades. The site provides a smoother visitor experience, helping increase leads and boost sales through its new design.

BenefitCorp's original website was bright, with a signature blue that drew attention. The site also contained a short video describing how BenefitCorps differed from other companies, a contact button, and brief information about the company's services. While these elements form the building blocks of a positive user experience, site visitors received limited information about BenefitCorp's services. This may have discouraged them from contacting the company, as users typically prefer to gather more information as quickly as possible when visiting a new website rather than clicking around to dig for resources. As a result, the updated website was designed with lead generation and customer retention in mind.

The company's new website features the same signature blue with an improved user interface to garner as many new leads as possible. A ribbon menu across the top of the page clearly labels the company's services and provides a phone number to get in touch for more information. Each of these service pages, when clicked, provides detailed information about BenefitCorp's consulting services for businesses and individuals. Further down the page, a new infographic describes the company's approach to integration, and several ways to reach out to the company are prominently displayed throughout. These improvements encourage visitors to spend more time on the site, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the company and increasing their likelihood of becoming a customer.

View BenefitCorp's new website, which was designed by digital marketing agency 321 Web Marketing, at https://www.benefitcorp.com. Founded to provide clear information about individual and company sponsored healthcare coverage, BenefitCorp provides a range of consulting services to help streamline and simplify the coordination, fulfillment, and quality assurance of various corporate and HR functions for businesses of all sizes. The company prides itself on having no ties to specific brands or incentives, allowing it to provide unbiased support. BenefitCorp is headquartered at 12655 N. Central Expressway Suite 810, Dallas, Texas 75243 and can be reached by phone at 972-737-7875.


About BenefitCorp

The founder of BenefitCorp was a trauma nurse who daily came across hardworking individuals with insufficient medical coverage. He founded BenefitCorp in 1995 with the single mission to end the confusion and frustration surrounding individual and company-sponsored healthcare coverage.


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