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Maryland HVAC Contractors Discuss How Humidity Affects Homeowners ACFeatured PR

The Rockville HVAC contractors at Presidential Heating and Air released a blog discussing how humidity affects air conditioning units
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States (pr4links.com) 18/05/2018
The Rockville HVAC contractors at Presidential Heating and Air released a blog describing how humidity affects air conditioning units. The Rockville HVAC contractors begin by explaining what causes humidity and how it affects an air conditioning unit's performance. They explain that with more moisture in the air, the more difficult it is for an air conditioner to function properly. The system becomes less effective and may be unable to function properly if humidity becomes too high. The blog explains that this occurs because an air conditioner removes heat and moisture from the air, but if there is too much humidity, your air conditioning will function but improperly. They also offer three signs that your air conditioner isn't removing enough humidity; your windows are fogged up, musty odors in your home and clammy air. The Rockville HVAC contractors recommend that a person should get a dehumidifier paired with the air conditioning unit in order to effectively remove moisture from the air. Ultimately, it is preferable to hire a Rockville HVAC contractor.

Humidity is a constant component of the air, despite it going and back and forth between low and high levels. Humidity typically rises during the summer seasons because moisture in the air retains heat and increases the temperature. The blog details how air conditioning units function by taking in the hot air, passing it over cold tubes containing refrigerant, absorbing the heat, then dumping it into a condenser unit so that the home cools down. High humidity will make the system less effective due to the excess moisture in the air, which causes it to consume more energy and may not even properly cool down the house at times.

Maryland HVAC contractors recommend using a dehumidifier for the summer seasons to lessen the amount of humidity in the air. Dehumidifiers absorb the moisture in the air, along with the heat that it retains. Dehumidifiers lessen the moisture in the air, making it easier for an air conditioning unit to work properly during the summer. The blog also strongly recommends hiring Maryland HVAC contractors to help fix an air conditioning unit if it is not working properly. Sometimes humidity issues aren't the cause of a malfunctioning air conditioner and the unit may have its own maintenance issues to be fixed.

Presidential Heating and Air are Rockville HVAC contractors specializing in heating and cooling with both residential and commercial services. Their heating and air conditioning services range from addressing indoor air quality and heat pumps to maintenance of furnaces and air ducts. They also will install and repair dehumidifiers, thermostats, and UV lights, and they even sell spare parts and HVAC equipment. Presidential Heating and Air prides itself on its reputation, services, and commitment to its clients. For more information, visit their website at https://www.presidentialheatandair.com/ or call (301) 615-2760. You can also find them at 8000 Cessna Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.


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