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Kipp & Zonen joins the OTT Hydromet group of companiesFeatured PR

Leader in Hydrological and Meteorological Instrumentation adds Expertise in Solar Irradiation Systems
Kempten, Bavaria, Germany (pr4links.com) 23/01/2018
OTT Hydromet, a Division of Hach Company, and a global leader in hydrological and meteorological solutions integrates Kipp & Zonen, a leading manufacturer of solar radiation and atmospheric measurement instruments, based in Delft, Netherlands.

OTT Hydromet consists of established brands like OTT, Sutron, Lufft, Adcon, Hydrolab, and others. In hydrology, it covers the full range of groundwater and surface water applications. The main meteorological applications include general meteorology observation, traffic weather, building automation, and renewable energy. This is where many synergies with the newly acquired Kipp & Zonen business exist.

"Kipp & Zonen has built its oustanding reputation over 90 years of close cooperation with customers, to innovate continuously around evolving customer needs in the solar energy market and athmospheric science instruments", said Anton Felder, President of OTT Hydromet. „We believe Kipp and Zonen's best-in-class products are a great fit with our other leading brands. Together, we are able to offer customers a greater ability to measure the meteorological and hydrological parameters that are critical to support them in making informed decisions. Together, we can now offer fully-integrated weather stations, providing customers with greater efficiency, less service requirements, and optimal integration."

Both companies have built their trust on best-in-class instrumentation, along with easy usability of integrated solutions including Software and superior service. Together, they offer greater system integration capabilities across a broad range of meteorological applications, and enhanced innovation capability by leveraging R&D expertise of both companies.

"Customers can expect the same commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer service from Kipp & Zonen as in the past", says Erik Valks, CEO of Kipp & Zonen, who will continue to lead the business. „We are delighted to work with a solid company as OTT Hydromet, and apply their process-focused business systems to enhance our offerings even further."

Together, they can offer truly global customer coverage on all continents. Over the coming months, the teams will prioritize the opportunities to serve customers around the world even better than before. At this week's Annual Conference of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), both Presidents will discuss how recent trends and evolving customer needs affect innovations from instrumentation manufacturers.

About OTT Hydromet

For more than 140 years, OTT Hydromet has developed solutions to hydromet professionals to enable them to make critical decisions to protect the environment and lives.

About Kipp & Zonen

Dating back to 1830, Kipp & Zonen provides class-leading instruments for measuring solar radiation and athmospheric properties for a variety of applications, including meteorology, climatology, renewable energy, industry, agriculture and public health.


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About OTT Hydromet GmbH

OTT Hydromet, a member of Hach Company, helps water resource professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire water cycle. We go beyond simply providing solutions by partnering with our customers in designing effective answers to the challenges they encounter in their vital role of monitoring the world’s water.


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