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Florida Timeshare Attorney Reveals Surprising Truths About Timeshare PropertiesFeatured PR

Leading timeshare attorney Susan Budowski explains how some sellers can make false promises about timeshares and how you can avoid falling for them.
Venice, Florida, United States (pr4links.com) 16/01/2018
Timeshare attorney Susan Budowski wants people to know exactly what they're getting into when they sign up for a timeshare. People can fall prey to false promises made by sellers and eventually undergo a traumatizing experience that affects owners both mentally and financially, but this can be avoided if one makes sure to read the fine print on a contract.

"The offers made by timeshare sales representatives are nothing short of a circus and can last a very long time," said Budowski. "These techniques are specifically designed to wear you out. They can draw you in, and once you are ready to commit, you are led through the contract signing process at record pace." No matter what the offer, consulting a timeshare attorney before signing any contract is always a wise idea. Regardless of what is pitched to you, the deal they're offering will always be there tomorrow - so don't be afraid to sleep on it before making a decision.

As a leading timeshare attorney, Susan Budowski assists those victimized by timeshare scams in canceling or getting out of the timeshare contract. Budowski previously worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia, where she received multiple Exceptional Performance Awards from high-ranking members of the CIA including former CIA Director William Gates, who also served as Secretary of Defense for both President Bush and President Obama.

"Consumers can be misled by false promises made by overzealous sales representatives; you might be told it is a valuable investment that it can be sold to a third party at a premium, that renting out your timeshare helps create significant rental income, or that the value of timeshares appreciates over time. However, none of these are really true about timeshares. They have the potential to create substantial financial loss and can lead to a debt trap," Susan explained.

Thinking you can get rid of your timeshare by selling it is a total misconception. If you search eBay, you can find timeshares on sale for $1. Attempting to resell and recuperating your investment is the largest scam in the timeshare industry. For the majority of timeshares, there are no resale values. Timeshare owners looking to get rid of their property must be wary of unscrupulous companies taking advantage of their desperation. For legal assistance in timeshare cancellation or to escape from timeshare fraud, clients can schedule their free consultation with Susan through the firm's official website. Once the situation is carefully evaluated, and if Attorney Budowski believes she can help, she'll take your case and move ahead to attain a positive resolution.

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Susan Budowski of My Timeshare Attorney is an experienced timeshare attorney representing clients who have been misled by timeshare representatives. For more details, visit https://mytimeshareattorney.com/

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My Timeshare Attorney is a fully licensed and insured law firm established by Susan M. Budowski in 2004. Being a certified Timeshare Attorney, she represents Timeshare owners who have been misled by Timeshare representatives. With years of experience in the industry and strong background in organizational and analytical processes, she assists her clients with Timeshare cancellation, foreclosure and contract.


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