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RSVP Med Spa Introduces DeScribe PFD PatchFeatured PR

RSVP Med Spa unveils the most innovative tattoo removal product of 2016 DeScribe PFD Patch. The Patch represents the most significant advance in tattoo removal since the Q-switched laser.
Overland Park, Kansas, United States (pr4links.com) 31/05/2016
DeScribe, a transparent PFD patch is now introduced in one of the leading practices of Kansas City – RSVP Med Spa. Post the Q-Switched lasers, this is the most innovative and technologically advanced solution for removing tattoos. The FDA-cleared system brings a great new method for removing multi-pass tattoos rapidly.

The number of customers opting for tattoos is continuously increasing by the day and as a result, the number of people wanting to remove their tattoos is also on the rise. Kimberly Woydziak, a Certified Laser Technician at RSVP Med Spa commented, “We always receive patients at our clinic who are looking for a less painful, affordable and faster tattoo removal procedure. With the benefits of DeScribe, we are able to offer patients everything they need and that’s why it is one of the best new products at our practice.”

This technology can be easily integrated into the current process of removing tattoos by placing the patch over the tattoo. The professionals working on the tattoo elimination procedure can pre-treat the tattoo using the harmless liquid PFD that is included with the product. Once the area to be treated is covered with the patch, multiple laser passes can be performed through the patch within just a few minutes. Since the patch is made of silicone, it prevents the evaporation of PFD, helps draw away heat from the epidermis and blocks the ejected skin debris. The scattering of light is prevented by PFD, making it easier to break the ink particles within the skin tissues. Patients find this process much more comfortable than traditional laser and plus, the tattoo can be treated with laser several times using the patch compared to a single session at a time in the conventional methods.

Kimberly also mentions, “We’re always focused on introducing the best-in-class treatment options for our patients at the practice. With DeScribe, we can easily integrate multi-pass laser treatments in our office and satisfy customers with technologically advanced tattoo removing procedures.”

Till date, both physicians and patients have been highly satisfied with the results of DeScribe. RSVP Med Spa is one of the first practices in the area to embrace this new technology that delivers substantially better results.

About RSVP Med Spa

RSVP Med Spa is a leading practice in Kansas City aimed at providing superior laser and aesthetic services to patients. The company offers a complementary consultation to customers and delivers the most advanced, safe and effective results at reasonable prices. The tailor-made approach towards cosmetology differentiates the company from its competitors and delivers outstanding services and results in every visit. To know more, visit http://RSVPMedSpa.com

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About RSVP Med Spa

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