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Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center Offers Weight Loss Care with Highest Possible StandardFeatured PR

Svelte Medical Weight loss center, an innovative medical-based weight loss center assures advanced and effective weight loss solutions with No Surgery! No Hormones!! No Starvation!!!
Orlando, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 25/03/2014
Dr. Bragg, one of the leading physicians in Florida Svelte Medical Weight loss center offers medically supervised weight loss programs in Orlando. Implementing a combination of proven techniques svelte has been helping patients maintain a fit and healthy life. Being the very first patient, Dr. Bragg has successfully lost over 40 pounds through the easy-to-follow svelte weight loss system.

Svelte has been backed up by experienced and certified medical doctors trained in the United States of America. Most of the physicians practicing in Svelte were weight loss patients themselves before their entry into Svelte. Explaining the process behind their weight loss program, Dr. Bragg says, "Our program is based on lowering insulin levels and thereby burning the fat accumulated in your body. This is made possible by consuming food that does not charge up your insulin levels. "

The program does not involve surgical methods, fasting procedures or hormones of any kind. The supplements prescribed by Svelte are natural vitamins and amino acids, which are much needed for boosting energy and for effective fat burning. Svelte provides a specific diet as well as a protein powder exclusively for vegetarians to increase the protein intake to a desired daily level.

The treatment offered at Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center is simple and completely transparent. The center has nothing to hide with its various processes involved in the program and their expenses. "The opening visit includes a medical history, limited exam, blood pressure, weight body fat and EKG. Following these examinations the doctors may give you injections for fat burning, one month supply of fat burner and vitamins, one week prescription for aptitude medication. You will get all these for $260. You may need to pay $75 per week for BP and fat measurements, injection and a week's supply of prescription for appetite medication," reports Dr. Bragg.

About Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers:

Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center offers weight loss and corporate wellness program to help people increase their body metabolism and lose weight. The weight loss treatment is complication-free and is fully carried out by experienced medical doctors. Visit: http://sveltemd.com/

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Based in Orlando, Svelte Weight Loss Center offers medically supervised weight loss programs and help clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their weight loss programs aids clients to find a successful path that will lead them towards lasting weight loss, and achieving a lifetime of good health in the process. For more details, visit http://sveltemd.com/


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