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Christmas Cheer Costs Families DearFeatured PR

With just a month to go until Christmas, many families experience stress and tension. However the situation is often worse for couples in troubled relationships.
Otley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 25/11/2013
There's just about a month to go until Christmas, but even at this early stage tensions over family Christmases can be building up. Sadly, Christmas isn't always a happy affair and can cause acute stress for families in Yorkshire and Humberside as the season progresses.

To add to the stress, couples in troubled relationships often don't know where to turn and can't even contemplate the costs involved in divorce at what is usually a family's most expensive season.

But by being aware of their options, many couples can make the process less traumatic, reduce conflict and stress, and importantly reduce the impact on any children they have.

Robert Cresswell from Divorce Professionals Dovetail Divorce thinks people just don't have the right knowledge of the divorce process.

"Divorce doesn't have to be devastating", says Robert, "and it doesn't have to cost the earth either".

Robert explained that: "Research shows that many people are unaware of their options when they are going through a break-up. Whilst for some couples court is unavoidable, for many more there are alternatives such as family mediation, family arbitration and the collaborative process."

"At Dovetail Divorce Solutions we offer a 'business-class' team based solutions to divorce. We help our clients deal with the emotional and financial aspects of divorce, as well as the legal issues", says Robert. "In fact, the legal issues needn't be a huge hurdle if all the correct support and guidance is there in the first place."

"Our team comprises of divorce coaches, independent financial advisors and specially trained collaborative family lawyers. First and foremost we put the emphasis on helping couples with the elements of divorce that often prove the most stressful, such as dealing with relationships and feelings, along with coping with the financial pressures."

"Our unique divorce cost calculator ensures that couples know the cost of their divorce, without any hidden extras, from the outset. We have a team of divorce coaches who offer couples unbiased, non-judgemental support and guidance, designed to minimise the impact of divorce, particularly upon children, whilst also giving confidence that helps couples recover faster, allowing them to move towards a positive future. Our team of financial advisers will help couples resolve their finances with the result that they reach a financial settlement designed to work for both of them."

To help ease at least one of the aspects of divorce that people may find unsettling this Christmas visit www.dovetaildivorce.com/cost-calculator to find out how much a divorce would cost, and to find out some more of the benefits of a collaborative 'business-class' divorce from Dovetail Divorce.

For more information on the work of Dovetail Divorce Solutions, please see www.dovetaildivorce.com, or contact Dovetail directly on 0800 054 699



Ask for help if you need it and make sure to use the wealth of resources designed to help separated parents manage. Find out more at http://www.resolution.org.uk/advice_for_parents/


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