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Custom Built Homes Are Not Just For the Rich and Famous; They’re Affordable as WellFeatured PR

By employing a good architect, home owners can custom build their house on a budget and according to their specifications
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Architect designed homes aren't always for the well-heeled and super rich. It is now possible to custom build houses without the need to break a bank!

"There are a number of factors that help to identify costs upfront. The costs are usually determined by analyzing major factors such as location, design (of the house) and specifications mentioned by the home owner. Materials used for exterior and interior finishing are also a major determining factor. When these are known, it becomes easy for architects to explain the costs. It also becomes easy for the home owner to budget his spending," says a spokesperson for Lifestyle Homes. This is a Portland Company that designs and builds home for people in the city.

The job goes much beyond construction; sometimes builders double up as developers and engage in analyzing if the land is a good and financially viable proposition. During construction, they supervise other staff including contractors, sub contractors, artisans etc. They're also expected to know about building regulations so as to make houses that are safe and sound.

"Sometimes clients try and save money by doubling up as general contractors or construction managers. Not all builders agree to this," adds the spokesperson.

But the project begins by hiring the right builder. His or her experience, expertise, and job profile plays a huge role in selecting one. Not completing the project in time can result in huge losses; hence commitment to deadlines is another important factor.

About Lifestyle Homes:

Lifestyle Homes are Portland home builders who're passionate about building custom homes. They're experienced homes in various styles and price ranges. The company was started in 1991 by Mike Arnett, the Company's President and a second generation homebuilder.

For more information, visit, http://www.lifestylehomesportland.com



Renovation, re-building and new home construction are Lifestyle Homes area of expertise. Top quality, trendy craftsmanship, open lines of communication throughout the building process including detailed timelines and budget worksheets is what makes them exceptional from other builders. Lifestyle Homes holds Certified Master Builder designation and are recognized as a pioneer in producing High Performance Homes. For more information, visit http://www.lifestylehomesportland.com/


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