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Turning the Roof of Your Building into a Revenue Stream Seems Easy with Nova West Solar Inc.Featured PR

Go Green! Go Solar! With this motto, Nova West Solar Inc. offers commendable solar installation services to maximize solar investment. The company use only approved solar panels to deliver optimum efficiency and reliability.
Fresno, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 19/09/2013
Conventional fuel sources have created myriad environmental problems, such as global warming, acid rain, smog, water pollution, rapidly filling waste disposal sites, destruction of habitat from fuel spills and the loss of natural resources; this is why Nova West Solar Inc., a proud member of Green Building Alliance, American Solar Energy Society, California Solar Energy Industries Association and Solar Energy Industries Association offers solar panels and installation services at affordable quotes to both residential and commercial building. By going solar, individual & business can reduce or eliminate its electricity bills and create a long lasting impression in their community.

"Every day, we're barraged with information about global warming, pollution, wars over energy resources, species depletion… the list goes on. Tragically, most people are doing very little about it. Most folks don't even think about the energy consumption very much. They don't think about the energy used to create our society or the energy required to produce the products we consume. But, surely they think about their energy consumption when they pay utility bills once a month, right! Instead of accepting the costs as inevitable, why don't you try solar panels", says Gary Fairhead one of the founders of Nova West Solar in Fresno.

He continues, "Today, over 200,000 homes in the United States use some type of photovoltaic technology to save their utility costs and environment. Solar is also helping business that positively affects their bottom line and marketability. That's why we at Nova West Solar in Fresno CA offer a green solution by building the best solar system from top-quality equipment".

Their team is fully certified in installing solar cells that reduce carbon footprints and protect the environment. They're aware of the various intricacies of the NY market as well as know about the incentives that are offered by government and electric companies. Nova West Solar Inc., the foremost solar power installers in California make sure that every aspect of the solar PV systems installation is taken care by their expertize team.

Robert Green, founder of Nova West Solar and local leader in residential swimming-pool business adds, "All our solar-system designs, engineering, acquisition of building permits, financing, rebate processing and utility interconnect services are supplied in-house, which means you save money effortlessly".

"We don't exist only to provide you with solar service - we exist to save you money", Robert Green ends.

About Nova West Solar Inc.

Nova West Solar Inc., has helped and helping many businesses and residential clients save thousands of dollars in energy bills and maintenance fees through alternative energy solar-panel systems. For more info, visit http://www.novawestsolar.com/



The media person informed of conducting quality control on their projects and stressed on supporting the clients with explanation regarding operation & maintenance of the solar panels. For further information on the services of the Fresno solar power company, visit http://www.novawestsolar.com.


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