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Link2Weather Launching a New Web Site Dedicated to Trip Planning According to Weather Forecast

Link2Weather is a new web site assisting in planning any trip in accordance to the weather condition. It allows its users to check endless numbers of origins and destinations, while presenting the conditions and attractions along the way, having the ability to change the route at any point.
Sunnyvale, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 14/02/2011
A family vacation, a business trip or any other road trip can be exciting, yet stressful. The driving part is easy; the planning part though can at times cause you a headache. Once you have chosen your route, you might want to check the weather to make sure that there are no surprises along the way and that your trip will be safe and worthwhile. Link2weather.com announces the launching of a new website dedicated to planning any road trip according to the weather forecast.

Link2weather.com allows its users to enter their trip starting point and their destination in up to five segments along the way. In each segment the user can enter the date and time for their departure and arrival. The site also allows the user to select the distance between each weather forecast segment in 25 or 50 miles gaps A very important feature that link2weather.com offers its users is the ability to drag and change the route along the trip. Just click on any place on the map, and drag the route to any alternative road available along the way. The forecast will then adjust itself to display the weather along the new route you have chosen.

Using this new and important tool will allow you to stop depending on the old weather forecasts where you have to check each and every segment along the way separately. It enables you to see the whole route on one map with the weather forecast spread out on the map, according to the segments you applied. You will now know what the weather will be like ahead of time, prior to driving, which will allow you to plan your trip in advance while changing plans if necessary.

Soon to come, link2weather.com will also include gas prices of gas stations along the route, also weather alerts, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, and more. You might not be able to control the weather, but you will be able to control the route you take. Other alerts will include hazards, road closures and construction, with alternate suggested routes for those incidents. The site will also be featuring attractions, points of interest, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, beaches, campground, visitor centers and more. It will also be able to calculate gas costs from one point to another. With all those options spread out for you on one single map, all throughout the U.S. – you will be ready for your trip to sit back and enjoy the road.
We will appreciate your suggestions and advices as this site is still in progress.
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Link2weather is a new start-up company dedicated to planning your trip according to the weather forecast. The company came to life from the necessity of planning a trip ahead of time in order to avoid weather conditions, hazards, delays and unexpected situations that might occur along the route.


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