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iDeals Virtual Data Room to Offer Free Use of its PlatformFeatured PR

Groundbreaking Offer Invites M&A Professionals and Enterprises Worldwide to Explore Full Benefits of an iDeals Virtual Data Room and Use it for 2 Months Free of Charge.
New York City, NY NEW YORK, United States (pr4links.com) 21/09/2015
NEW YORK, September 21, 2015 - iDeals Solutions, a leading global provider of virtual data rooms (VDR) and secure content sharing platform, announced that for a limited time it will be offering its iDeals Virtual Data Room software for free during 60 days.

With this full-feature, no-obligation offer new iDeals clients worldwide can experience the power and simplicity of the industry- leading data room service. The offer which is currently available at idealsvdr.com includes:

• 60-day unlimited usage
• Unlimited projects
• Unlimited users
• Unlimited data storage
• Unlimited access to all virtual data room features
• Live 1-on-1 demo and training with an expert
• Complete data room setup and custom branding
• No strings attached: this free plan can be upgraded or cancelled anytime

With this groundbreaking offer iDeals allows M&A professionals and global enterprises access the benefits of using a virtual data room for projects that require high levels of security.

When virtual data rooms (VDRs) first appeared on the business landscape about a decade ago, they quickly became the favorite tool for M&A due diligence surpassing physical data repositories. During the last few years, cross-border mergers and acquisitions were at their hottest pace since before the financial crisis. In fact, M&A volume was $1.10 trillion in 2014, up from $775.3 billion in 2013 and the highest since 2008, according to Acquisitions International magazine . In fact, another research confirms that private equity investment firms forecast very high deal activity in 2015, up from 89 percent a year earlier.

In most M&A deals, the seller faces the burden of collecting and distributing critical documents while ensuring that such information is delivered in compliance with security requirements, privacy regulations and other practices for handling highly sensitive corporate information. All of these factors put significant pressure on the seller’s workflow and tools for sharing deal-related documents. The risk of sensitive data loss and downtime is high, especially when the seller uses an outdated or insecure low-cost or free file sharing solution.

Yet the problem with most high-end data room vendors is the lack of an option to promptly deploy the data room and start using it without going through the process of the contract and terms negotiation with the vendor which may take a week or even more. In many cases the due-diligence process needs to be started as soon as possible and such delays are not acceptable. Also it’s a quite common situation that it may be hard to estimate the exact volume of documents before the bidders will start actively review the information and send requests for additional document submission. This leads to unpredictable charges and additional communications with the vendor about discounts which may further obstruct the deal process.

Also from iDeals perspective, a typical 14-day or even 30-day trial is simply too short to allow the seller to understand if the deal will move forward.

“We have analyzed our customers experience over the past seven years and realized that around 35% of M&A deals that approached the due-diligence stage and deployed the data room were postponed or broken during the first two months and didn’t go any further,” explained Dan Mesh, VP of Sales at iDeals, “With our 60-day free offer, dealmakers can open a high-quality virtual data room, upload and share their documents with bidders while keeping full control. There are no obligations. If the deal doesn’t go through for any reason – for example, bidders lose interest - the data room can be closed without incurring any financial losses. At the same time all parties will enjoy a peace of mind knowing that their sensitive data was handled securely. Also if they decide to reopen the data room, their information will be kept ready for access."

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a powerful data sharing solution used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide, including many Fortune 1000 companies. This success is based on a continuous innovation approach, including constant R&D efforts, powerful cloud infrastructure, and instantly available customer services. With iDeals’ advanced document sharing technology and shatterproof security, dealmakers and information professionals worldwide can fully comply with due diligence requirements, and at the same time establish effective communication with prospective buyers by offering them easy-to-use tools to review their documents.

For more information please visit www.idealsvdr.com

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