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Tuff Bear Recommends the Dietary Inclusion of Omega-3 SupplementsFeatured PR

Omega-3 offers a host of benefits for patients of all ages. With clear advantages in mental and cardiac health, Omega-3 is increasingly becoming a part of everyday diet for families across America.
Wausau, Wisconsin, United States (pr4links.com) 18/08/2015
For individuals looking for nutritional supplements that help maintain the health of the nervous system and the brain, doctors around the world are now recommending the inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids into their everyday medication. Most often found in the form of Fish Oil or Essential Fatty Acid, Omega-3 is also extremely beneficial for the reduction of any inflammation, to books one's immune system and to persistent reduces joint pains.

The EPA and the DHA that exist in Omega-3 are essentially sourced from various marine sources such as fish oil and algae. This is because these essential fatty acids are not naturally synthesized in the human body but simultaneously offer a host of benefits.

"Our Omega-3 offered at Tuff Bear are free from any harmful levels of contaminants and are PCB tested, and are also within the Prop 65 limits," says the Head of Pharmaceutical Production at Tuff Bear.

In addition to Omega-3 supplements, the company is renowned for its extensive range of weight loss supplements and skin care products which are GMP and FDA certified. Manufactured after in depth R&D as well as testing every product that is marketed and endorsed by the company is delivers high quality results.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also often prescribed by psychiatrists around the world for its help in controlling bipolar disorder and the reduction of depression and mania in juvenile bipolar disorder.

"There are significant number of studies out there that suggest the benefit Omega-3 has on patients with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, low blood pressure and other cardiac ailments," says the Head of R&D at Tuff Bear.

In addition to this, it is found that regular consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids also helps improve one's tabular dysfunction and lipid profiles along with oxidative stress among individuals with problems such as IgA nephropathy. Studies around the world have also found the benefits this supplement has in reducing coronary heart disease, coronary calcium scores and the rate at which plaque growth takes place in a human body.

With a host of other benefits such as the prevention of atrial fibrillation and its ability to control a host of neurological and behavioral disorders, having your family to consume this supplement under the guidance of a reliable practitioner can do wonders to overall health.

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