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‘Perrakis Packing’ Offers discounts up to 80% for their World Class Packing MaterialsFeatured PR

Get the world’s most decorative and durable packing products for your home and office at the most reasonable and considerable rates
Athens, Athens, Greece (pr4links.com) 05/06/2013
Perrakis Packaging Industries in packing business offers up to 80% discount on their packing products which help you pack almost anything helping you save time and energy at very low costs.

Perrakis supplies packing products like packing tapes, classified into packing tape PPL SILENT, packing tape PPL noisy, PVC packing tape, tapes care package fragile-fragile and printed packing tapes. They also supply connectors for plastic hoop, strap metal, Plastic hoop, and strap PET Polyester. Masking tapes of (60oC and 80oC) and blue colored ones are also available.

Special tapes like aluminum tape, movies crack, ribbons marking and duct cloth tape are all available. Sello tapes, Double-sided tape, Double sided tape foam, Fabric double sided tape, Mini roll stretch film, Stretch film Engine, Stretch film hand, Aerofoam, Aeroplast - Aeroplast, Aerostrom - Aerostrom, Aerochart - Aeroplast with paper, Zipper Bags, Oven Bags, Cartons, Trash bags, Sacks, Bag pipes, Trade bags printed / unprinted, Touch paper, Skid tape, Flange Packaging, Plastic bag layers, Grocery Paper Bags, Electricians Insulation Tapes, Paletogonies, Bags Soft loop, Paper Bags Trade, Aerostop - air-stop, Prawn protecting objects, Pallets, Thermo-Pallet, Barcode label plastic pistol, and Labelmaker are all the packaging materials available at Perrakis Packing supplies.

Perrakis spokesperson had to share much about the companies lasting glory in the packaging business. He said, "Our key priority is the continuous improvement of services and the replacement of products, to provide modern solutions and functional means to our clients, while maintaining high quality standard and ergonomics specific to the brand the company represents."

Perrakis which is in the tough and competitive packaging business since 2010 not only manages to maintain best customer service offered to their clients covering their most specific needs but also strives to expand their business and its high market share over all possible ends. Perrakis also aims at maintaining constant contact with their customers' in resolving any potential concerns of theirs, to update the progress fashion of their order or any sale that is been closed before a while, or to receive any valuable comment or feedback.

For more information please visit, http://stretchfilm.gr/.

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Our company was founded in 1974 in Athens and six years later opened our second store in Chania. Today three shops "Perrakis" ", closely following the tradition that brought high consumer preference, continue their upward trend, with owned retail locations in Chania and Athens, and prominently among the companies in the sector, accounting standard cooperation and development.


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