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Keylogger software is a spy software that can records activities that take place on a computer.
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Spy software has an ability to track all the activities on the computer. When it is installed in the computer, it will runs in stealth mode. While in stealth mode, the program won’t be visible to others. The computer owner will be the only one that knows it is running in the computer system. The computer owner will have access to all the configuration settings in the software. It is up to the computer owner to let people become aware of the spy software existence. Spy software is often referred as keylogger software by people. Keylogger software is used to spy on other people’s instant messages. It can also record conversations that take place at other websites such as social networking sites, forums, and message boards. If the computer owner is keen on finding out why their spouses use the social networking site, they can get the keylogger software installed in their computers. The computer owner can purchase the spy software in digital version or physical version.
With the keylogger, the computer owner can track the chat session filmed through the webcam. The computer owner can listen to the message clearly on the webcam. The computer owner can watch the faces of the people involved in the conversation. Many keylogger software provide customers the abilities to play back the webcam conversation in full length. The keylogger software can record every email messages. No matter how secure the email account is, the keylogger can scan the email messages. The full text of the email message will become available in the log files. The log file will include the sender of the email. The recipient of the email will also be recorded. The computer owner will also get to access the password used to login into the account. The password is recorded from the moment the user type it into the web login form. The password recorded can also record the password in the instant messenger login form.
Keylogger software is great for keep track of children that often spend time on the internet to find answers. More than 85% of the children who use internet visit pornographic websites. It is possible to ban the pornographic websites from the children once the URLs are tracked. The keylogger software will track the URLs of the websites. It ensures that the computer owner get complete information about the main domain name, URL of webpages and etc.
The computer owner can configure the keylogger software to deliver the captures to them while they are not around. Computer owners that are not around can configure the keylogger software to send the captures to their email address. In this way, there is no need to use be at home or office to check the captures. Instead, all the captures will be forwarded to the computer owner’s email account. The captures include comprehensive information about the user who used the computer just now. Some of the information included in the captures are username, time, date, name of applications and etc.

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