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When the first internet store was launched, it was a revolution that leveled the playing field between big corporations and small business.
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"When the first internet store was launched, it was a revolution that leveled the playing field between big corporations and small business. "

When the first internet store was launched, it was a revolution that leveled the playing field between big corporations and small business. Where once millions could only dream of becoming entrepreneurs, the internet allowed small businesses and even individuals with no capital to reach thousands of potential customers with a slick, user friendly website and a click of the mouse. Well today, another revolution is afoot in the field of advertising and marketing. There was once a time when only the "Big Boys" could reach large numbers of consumers, specifically targeted and tracked for results; but now with cell phone marketing technology small businesses can reach large numbers of geo-targeted customers who have opted-in to receive their offers with opt-in coupon services. Many businesses are getting their feet wet using this new marketing tool; but others are still not educated about the benefits to their business.

There are seven major benefits to small businesses who market to customers through their cell phones.

1. Fresh Market - Cell phone advertising is a nearly untouched market, with very few businesses using the technology. Because the market is nowhere near a saturation point, consumers remain open to receiving advertisements. According to "In-Stat" 20% of cell phone users said some form of mobile advertising would be acceptable. There are 192 million cell phone users in the United States as of 2005 and the number continues to grow each year.

2. Large Market - Over 12 billion text messages are sent and received in any given month in the United States. Consumers 18 - 35 years old are more likely to receive information via their phone and/or the internet than through traditional advertising outlets such as newspapers and radio.

3. Instant Access - Most consumers keep their cell phone on them at all times and over 90% of all text messages received are read. Customers can use their cell phone to redeem a coupon or offer at your store or via your website. As a result there is no added delay in purchasing due to lost or misplaced paper coupons.

4. Qualified Customers - All customers have opted to receive your coupon via their cell phone by using a third-party cell phone marketing service such as http://www.sourcinggate.com. So you know that they want to receive your marketing message. Don't risk your reputation or a lawsuit by collecting customer cell phone numbers and sending out advertising on your own. Some customers may forget that they gave you permission to market to them on their cell phone and become annoyed by your marketing messages. Third-party cell phone marketing companies allow consumers to opt-in and opt-out of the service whenever they choose.

5. Targeted Customers - cell phone marketing can allow you to target customers by zip code, city, state and stated interest. So, if you're a coffee shop in Dallas, TX you might target consumers who live in Dallas and expressed an interest in coffee shops or cafés. Many cell phone marketing companies allow you to track who has received your message and who has redeemed your coupon, giving you detailed and instant reports on your marketing results.

6. Viral - When your coupon is sent to a customer's cell phone that information along with your business phone number and address is stored on the phone and can be forwarded to the customer's friends and family. For every customer who receives a coupon directly from you may forward that message to at least 10 additional people creating new customers for your business at no additional cost.

7. High Redemption Rates - Traditional advertising such as mailed coupons and flyers have a redemption rate as low as 1%. With mobile marketing the redemption rate can be as high as 30%. When Dunkin Donuts text messaged coupons for 99 cent lattes to mobile phone customers in Massachusetts, they increased their Boston area store traffic by 21%.

Marketing through cell phones provides a level of targeting customers and tracking results never seen before in the traditional advertising field.


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