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Seasoned Miami Real Estate Law Firm Assures Expert Legal Help with Personalized AttentionFeatured PR

Benezra Katz PA is an experienced Miami law firm which has proved their high level of quality with expert legal assistance & personalized attention in almost every legal aspect regarding real estate
Miami, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 27/10/2012
Benezra Katz PA, a renowned real estate law firm from Miami, has declared to provide clients with expert legal assistance with personalized attention. The full-service law firm was established by Marc Benezra, a prominent Miami lawyer.

A representative from Ben-ezra Katz PA remarked, "Our skilled attorneys have a detailed understanding of the real estate scene in South Florida and the practices in the region. Additionally, the lawyers have ample experience in representing many lenders and developers of the region, thus they are in a position to use their expertise and extensive knowledge in foreclosure defensive affairs in favor of the homeowners who are the prey of the predatory lending policies."

While asked about their founder, the representative added that MarcBenezra is experienced in almost every aspect of the real estate legal world by representing investors and mortgage lenders in bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure, title curative, eviction, loan workout, loss mitigation, as well as real-estate litigation. Benezra earned his graduate degree from the University of Miami and has been serving for Miami and Fort Lauderdale region for a great number of years.

The firm manager commented, "Our firm has been established with the mission to safeguard you and your rights. Benezra Katz PA has been practicing within real estate scene for several years and has developed a solid understanding of mortgage players and personnel's lending policies in South Florida. In the case that you are the unfortunate victim of a mortgage fraud through a mortgage lender or bank, look no further than our firm." He emphasized that the lawyers at Ben-ezra would utilize their extensive legal experience regarding the local real estate field and mortgage fraud policies to stand by their clients for optimum obtainment of their rights.

The representative from Benezra'sfirm further stressed that their legal team is highly advanced in every transaction pertaining to real estate including foreclosure, bankruptcies, evictions, titles, litigation,and opposing attorneys, courts, and adverse parties. "Each attorney and member of our legal staff contributes their own unique abilities and value system focused on the clients and their specific needs."

For more information, go to http://www.marcbenezra.com/.



Marcbenezra.com is a Florida real estate law firm that offers legal assistance in all real estate transactions, foreclosures, title, bankruptcies, evictions, litigation and mortgage fraud. For more details, log on to: http://www.marcbenezra.com


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