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The TV adaptation of the seminal series of novels is shortly to be released as a stunning multiplayer online game
Bourges, Bourges, France (pr4links.com) 04/10/2012
Ever since George R.R. Martin published the first novel in the A Song of Fire and Ice saga, A Game of Thrones has grown into a publishing phenomenon. With the adaptation of this historical fantasy epic as a hugely popular TV series, the story reached a huge new audience.

Now the saga is to be translated into a faithfully reproduced and thoroughly absorbing multiplayer online browser based game, "Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms", which will run alongside the TV series and give players the chance to enter the medieval fantasy world of Westeros at http://www.bigpoint.com/.

At the heart of the game will be state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay. The open scenario design coupled with a degree of technical quality at the cutting edge of browser game technology will deliver a gameplaying experience unlike any you've ever experienced.

Players will, at the outset, be able to band together to form guilds and, in turn, align themselves with one of the three great houses. Player vs Player one-to one combat will be important but so will group warefare, sieges and pitched battles against other groups of players. As you progress through the game, your character will develop and progress, honing combat and melee skills as well as developing as a social and political animal.

"Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms" draws on the background and lore established in the novels and the TV series. Close co-operation with the makers of the TV series means that the locations, weaponry and armour, even the background music will be very familiar to devotees of the series. Characters and key events and locations are faithfully reproduced but, most importantly, the direction the action takes is determined by the player and, importantly, by the way the player interacts with other online players in real time. The script is written by you! The politics, intrigue and occasional backstabbing which are such a feature of the world created by George R.R. Martin are key factors as you battle for yourself and your house, but you'll need to remain alert for the whiff of treachery which is never too far away.

Presently in its final stages of development, "Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms" is expected to be available early in 2013.



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