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Myflowerbuyer.Com Unveils the Secrets to Sustain the Freshness and Attractiveness of Wedding FlowersFeatured PR

Supplier of whole sale attractive eye catchy flowers points out some of important preservative tips after buying whole sale flowers for the wedding functions
Oklahoma City, OK, United States (pr4links.com) 07/09/2012
Myflowerbuyer.com discusses some important tips for preserving the beauty and freshness of flowers. This online store for several years involves in supplying of wholesale wedding flowers with visually enriched colors at an affordable price.

Flowers are occasion worthy things which is a mirror resembling happiness, pride and prosperity of the surrounding environment. But the life time of these flowers are less than the cheerfulness they create.

Having an extensive experience in selling flowers, the Chief Sales Officers of Myflowerbuyer.com told, "Flowers requires more maintenance than any other items. We care for it and preserve it fresh in order to deliver promptly to our customers. After the delivery, it's up to them to take up the responsibility. Though we deliver products in protective manner, users need to take some additional measures to increase it sustainability. Generally we advise you to schedule the arrival of flowers before 2 to 3 days of the actual event date"

Commenting about the measures that need to be taken, the Media Person told, "Flowers need to be taken care or else will get dehydrated and looks dull. The first important thing is to carefully unpack it without causing damage to flowers. Cover the flowers with plastic or paper and tie their stems together with rubber band for first four hours".

"We, as a whole sale dealer directly deliver fresh flowers from farm in protective packaging. The flowers are completely hydrated and we pack in dry packs. It is obvious that dehydration of flowers happens during shipping. So flowers need immediate hydration after unpacking" Media Person added.

Speaking about the safety measures, the Media person said, "Leave the flowers in containers with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water and remove the leaves below the water level as to avoid bacterial growth. Cut the stems diagonally about an inch and place the stem in prepared water for hydration. Repeat the procedure for every four hours.

"It is important to keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, heat and air vents, television and other products that eliminate excessive heat. We are always ready to give complete guidance to our customers on caring the flowers" finally added the Media Person.

About the Myflowerbuyer.com,

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