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Catalinawholesale.Com Announces Its Participation in California State’s Marine Life Protection ActFeatured PR

Thriving sea food whole sale enterprise congregates best quality sea food with an exceptional freshness from pristine waters of Southern California and Baja California
San Diego, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 31/08/2012
Catalinawholesale.com now expanded its involvement in marine life protection act and takes effective steps to preserve marine life and habitants, maintain marine ecosystem, and sustain marine related opportunities.

"It is important to move forward for the protection of the marine life. As decades of survival with these marine entities, we know the benefits human extract from these marine lives. To get same from the marine continuously, we need to ensure the stability of the marine ecosystem" told Mr. Dave Rudie, a professional sea urchin diver, founder of the leading California based wholesale sea food retailing enterprise in the year 1985.

Marine Life Protection Act evaluates rules and certain regulations in order to avoid disturbance and devastation of the marine life cycle. Being renowned company in this field, Catilina offshore products immensely offer their support to this act.

As of Catilina wholesale, they get more than half of its sea food from fishermen Co operatives to get low impact sea foods. These fishermen uses panga boats for their fishing, where fishing is handled more with hand-lines ensuring the safeness of the environment. Catalina Seashore Products experienced technicians proffer these fishers professional training to ensure the quality and sustainable fishing practice.

Every boat contains chill tanks maintained at -20 degree coolers until the delivery of the order to ensure exceptional freshness of the fishes.

"Our main motive is to offer our customers with best quality sea food without harming the environment. We are in certain to endorse balance of the ecosystem" told Rudie.

In addition to these sea foods, the company also supplies all sushi making ingredients. "Our sushi ingredients will surely make every one to enjoy delicious sushi food in their home itself" Rudie commented about sushi ingredients.

All the products distributed by the enterprise are all approved by FDA and many sushi bars around the Country have been using their high quality products.

About Catalinawholesale.com,

Catalinawholesale.com is a retailer of wholesale seafood, founded by Dave Rudie in the year 1985. With over fifteen years of experience in the whole sale distribution of sea food, the company has been appreciated for their quality food products and long term sustainability fishing practices. To know more about the company visit http://www.catalinawholesale.com/



Catalina Offshore Products is one of the largest seafood import and export companies in California which offers a wide range of seafood like sushi fish such as tuna sushi, salmon sushi and more at wholesale prices. For more details, log on to: http://www.catalinaop.com/


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