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Bunk Bed Prices Hit New Low!Featured PR

Learn all about cheap bunk beds; the material, prices, and where to buy
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Bunk beds bring back memories: good and bad. Bad as I distinctly remember one summer sleeping in the lower bed under a very flatulent cousin and good as I have lovely memories of having a sleepover with my friends. We actually fit eight of us into the upper bed and it was a great time. We've got four children now and we've actively been contemplating buying bunk beds for them. It's just something that children require in a room, you know? Bunk beds are fun and the person who gets the upper bed always, always feels superior to everyone. Besides, the beds save space and we don't have that many rooms for us and the children

But memories aside; we wanted cheap bunk beds that were affordable and fun at the same time. If you are a parent, you already know that getting children to try something new is as good as trying to make a monkey sing: the monkey hates it and you look silly. We wanted cheap bunk beds that were affordable for us and so pretty and fun that the children would automatically migrate into them with the least fuss and muss. So started the great search for fun and cheap bunk beds and this is what we found.

Online vs. real-time

Every online furniture store had several types of cheap bunk beds. The local Target, Ikea, Walmart, and other stores had cheap bunk beds as well. There was no significant difference in quality but price differences were substantial. Online stores were able to provide really great discounts along with freebies. The drawback was that you had to install and set up the cheap bunk beds yourself. This is fine if you were technically inclined. If you are accident-prone, this is not the choice for you. Large supermarkets like Target are more than willing to sell you cheap bunk beds but at slightly higher rates.

New vs. Old or Gently-Used

New cheap bunk beds are always good when you are dealing with energetic children. Such cheap bunk beds are stronger and they do meet national safety standards. We find it hard to trust old furniture or even 'gently-used' anything when it comes to children. There will be a substantial cost difference in new and old cheap bunk beds but we so recommend new beds. It's not a good idea to take a risk with your children's safety.


Wooden cheap bunk beds are the best. However, not everyone can afford wood. You will also be able to find metal, plastic coated metal, compressed wood, etc versions. If you are getting good wooden furniture with screw joints and no gummed fixtures; take it right away. Hardwood furniture in particular lasts forever and it's a great investment.

Variety vs traditional

Frankly, the choices in cheap bunk beds are endless. Target lists over two hundred attractive designs that are funky, hip and functional at the same time. We particularly loved models that combined study tables with the beds. This seemed to be a very ergonomic design that made maximum use of space. They were priced very attractively as well.

The average cost of bunk beds will range anywhere from $149 to about $1000 and more. It's a good idea to check as many sources as possible before making a purchase. Remember to calculate the cost of mattresses, shipping and installation when you are purchasing the cheap bunk beds to get a complete package rate. We eventually went with a bunk bed that had a tent on the lower bed and another version that had a bed on top and a table, a L-shaped bed on the bottom; the entire package came to about $500 which is quite affordable when you think about it. So go ahead, check out everything and then make an informed decision.

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The average cost of bunk beds will range anywhere from $149 to about $1000 and more. It's a good idea to check as many sources as possible before making a purchase


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