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If you'd like to reward dutiful groomsmen with a unique gifts, check out CapCatchers bottle openers.
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Among many other useful articles, Gather.com has recently featured a rundown on the crucial Duties of the Groomsmen( http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981030298 ). A groomsman's job is as simple and straightforward as Wladimir Klitschko's counter-cross, but just as important to avoid messing up. The Gather article gives a clear and easy explanation on looking the part , providing emotional stability and not losing the rings.

While today, the role of the groomsman is a formal and functional outgrowth of the "wingman" position that a close friend would assume during more free-wheeling and less responsible times in the present bridegroom's life, there are theories that the history of the role stretches back significantly further, across centuries and continents.

In the olden days, groomsmen would be the friends of the husband to be who would help him kidnap a young woman to serve as his bride. Marriage by abduction is a practice common in many traditional cultures, from Europe to Central Asia to pre-Columbian America, and was a quick way for a man to avoid such roadblocks on his path to marital bliss as the disapproval of the bride's parents, disparity in social class or unwillingness on part of the woman to marry his ugly, scruffy hide.

These days, most countries consider bride kidnapping less as a form of marriage and more as something of a prosecutable offense. However, in a number of countries, such as Ethiopia and Azerbaijan, the practice still continues, helped by social stigma that views an abducted woman as "damaged goods," and which will generally force the woman to marry her abductor and stay with him.

This desultory history does little to mar the good times had by grooms and groomsmen alike in modern America. However, as already mentioned, the role of the groomsman involves a good deal of stress and responsibility, which is why a decent thing to do would be to reward your buddies for tuxing up, with a gift that reminds you and them of all the fun you had while you were single.

If you're doing a Star Wars wedding, then your first stop should probably be ThinkGeek. However, we if you are looking for more socially-oriented groomsmen gifts( http://www.capcatchers.com/ ), we invite you to visit CapCatchers for a wide selection of cool wall-mounted bottle openers.

CapCatchers aren't ordinary openers - they're crafted from fine New England wood, come in a variety of sizes and styles, can be personalized, and include a bottle cap catcher pouch (hence the name). With a CapCatcher bottle opener, you will only have to empty the caps once every few twelve-packs, instead of training your throwing arm after every bottle. Anyone looking for unique gifts for groomsmen( http://www.capcatchers.com/Unique_Groomsmen_Gifts_s/39.htm ) can hardly do any better than give them something that lets them enjoy a cold one with a minimum of hassle.

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This article on SelfGrowth suggests a number of Father of the Bride gifts, including but not limited to bottle openers and golf accessories. Read this article for a discussion of appropriate and inappropriate gifts; learn to avoid the perils of regifting, double-gifting and simply appearing inconsiderate. Whether you're looking for a unique groomsmen gift or a present for his dad, check out the SelfGrowth article for some neat ideas.


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