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Do Beauty products add to self esteem problems?

Beauty product advertisements showcasing ultimate beauty and the perfect flawless skin may be contributing to self esteem problems in women.
Sydney, SA, Australia (pr4links.com) 20/10/2010
A recent study by the Journal of Consumer Research has revealed that advertisements of beauty products that showcase flawless skin and near perfect figures, may be contributing to a problem of low self esteem among women. It’s not only women; media has managed to infiltrate the thoughts of everyone irrespective of their age.

But rather than having to blame others for our problems, wouldn’t it be great to find a solution for them .Children for example ,can be targeted at a young age and taught ways and methods to build (http://www.selfesteembreakthroughs.com/)self esteem, and get them to appreciate themselves and thus build self confidence.

“Everything starts with the thoughts that we have in our conscious mind. Our thoughts are transmitted to and picked up by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind creates our reality. Scientists tell us that the subconscious mind is at work all the time – it regulates our heartbeat, our breathing, etc. It takes over – based on our habits and our thought patterns. It carries over all our experience that we ever had. In fact, it creates our reality” says Mr. Joe Dumas of selfesteembreakthroughs.com, a site, that’s dedicated to help people overcome their fear and doubts and help them build (http://www.selfesteembreakthroughs.com/)self confidence and self worth.

“For example, if you believe that it is difficult to meet people and have a happy relationship, then your subconscious mind will create a difficult & tense relationship. Whatever beliefs that you have, whatever thoughts that you have, that support that belief will become your reality because your subconscious mind will act on them” , he adds.

Joe is an authority on the subject of psychology whose main focus has been to work with people with low self esteem and change the way they think about themselves. The challenge is turn negative thoughts and habits through counseling into positive thoughts, thereby increasing (http://www.selfesteembreakthroughs.com/)self worth and self appreciation.

Self esteem problems are often deep seated and to resolve these, require the help of professionals who can guide the person through the process, by identifying problem areas and finding solutions to address them.

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My main focus is to work with people with low self esteem and subtly change their mental outlook to gain a positive meaning to their lives. The challenge is to turn old negative habits and beliefs by means of coaching and psychological counseling into some positive outcome where high self esteem is restored.


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