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Safetyweb offers smart Parental Control Software to ensure Internet safety for kidsFeatured PR

Innovative New Internet Service Helps Parents Ensure Their Children’s Online Privacy, Safety and Reputation
Denver, Colorado, United States (pr4links.com) 13/10/2010

"Internet Monitoring Software for a smart new way of Parental Control - Safetyweb"

The new subscription service, SafetyWeb.com, helps protect kids from common online dangers like cyber-bullying and public profiles - giving parents ultimate peace of mind. SafetyWeb (http://www.safetyweb.com) automatically monitors a child's online activities and immediately red-flags for Parents any and all potential threats to their child; without mom or dad having to monitor every post.

Here's how it works: SafetyWeb scours the internet for questionable activity, making parents aware of videos and photos their kids share publicly, cyber-bullying, potential internet addiction, when privacy settings are changed on social networking sites, and more. The service also goes a step further, helping parents keep tabs on their child's mobile calls and text messages! This smart Internet monitoring software also helps parents guard their child's reputation by flagging postings that could potentially harm their child's future.

"Everything that kids do online today can have serious consequences tomorrow," says Michael Clark, co-founder of SafetyWeb.com. "More and more, college admissions and potential employers are going beyond the resume and searching candidates' online activity and history.

We've designed a service to enable parents to be informed and intervene quickly if their kids are engaged in questionable behavior."

SafetyWeb makes protecting kids' and teens' online activity easy for any parent with no software to download or programs to install. Parents simply sign up and submit their child's email address - the web based Parental control software takes care of the rest, scanning 45+ social networks. SafetyWeb also offers a mobile integration allowing parents to use the service from their iPhone.

"We've designed a service that gives parents the tools and information they need to keep their child safe online, without making the process burdensome for parents," says Geoffrey Arone, co-founder of SafetyWeb. "Parents want to be confident that their son or daughter is shielded from danger, but they don't want to follow every social media step. This is the solution."

Get free sample report of your child's social profiles online and more details on monitoring child's internet activity at http://www.safetyweb.com/

About SafetyWeb, Inc.

SafetyWeb is the leading service simplifying online safety by helping parents guard their children's online safety, identity and reputation. The service monitors the web to deliver reports and immediate alerts on irregularities and dangers associated with kids' and teens' online activity. Because SafetyWeb acts as an online guardian angel, they arm parents with information to determine acceptable and healthy online behavior. The company was founded by Michael Clark and Geoffrey Arone, who has worked on web sites that combined, serviced over 200 million register users. For more information on online safety made simple, visit: www.SafetyWeb.com .


SafetyWeb allows parents to watch over their Child's Safety and Online Reputation as well as monitor for Cyber Bullying. Also used for making sure Teens Social Networking activities do not impact College Admission.


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