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Nigerian Bomb Blast: Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team condemns attackFeatured PR

The Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT) realises that the Federal Government has an urgent responsibility to ensure national security. The circumstances leading to and after the Abuja bomb blast are worth reviewing; President Goodluck Jonathan has centred his political campaigns around issues that touch on the lives of the Nigerian people.
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"Goodluck Jonathan"

The chairman of Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT), strongly condemns the bomb blast in all its forms and manifestations that led to deaths and injuries in Abuja. We condemn any kind of violence that victimises innocent civilians. Mr. Peter Eledan, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDOE), United Kingdom chapter made the call in a chat with news men in London recently.

The group chairman, said these awful, cowardly attacks, was a heinous crime and sends his condolences to the loved ones of those who has been killed or injured. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were the victims of this bombing. He called the perpetrators "the enemies of peace and democracy”, whom the international community must condemn with all possible means. It is clear that the people who carried out this attack have no regard for life or property. Their sole aim is to disturb our peaceful society, create a culture of fear and to disrupt the free and fair of the forthcoming 2011 general election.

Mr Peter said, it is highly provocative and it is an attempt to not only raise tensions but potentially cause injury or death to the security forces or indeed those innocent citizens taking part in the celebration of Nigeria at 50 Independence Day. This was an outrageous act and extremely disturbing development for the country as whole, with intent to kill or cause maximum disruption. What is desired is to upset, to generate fear in the population, to generate people's scepticism in the authorities.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan and his administration stand for peace and the unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. “We must not allow such forces to succeed; we must always stand up unite together against act of wickedness and combat evil in our society”. His administration will revamp the security mechanism in the country as well as take vital steps that would assure ordinary Nigerians that their life could be protected in their motherland.

President Jonathan has been a leader on state and national security issues for decades, and his judgment in the presidency will be essential to protect the life of Nigerians and their family. President Jonathan Goodluck will fight to ensure we do not squander the success that has been achieved by the Nigeria’s armed forces in the Niger Delta. He will continue to work with the security agencies and armed forces to ensure there is no threat to peace, security of the nation and development of the country and the Nigerian people enjoys long lasting security stability. The utmost aim of President Goodluck administration going forward is to safeguard the sovereign, independence and territorial integrity of the Nigerian state.

Mr Peter said, "It is quite disgraceful." these people do not care about the possible outcome of their criminal activities and call upon the Federal Government to set up a panel to investigation those behind the bomb attack. He further stressed that Nigerians in Diaspora worldwide are prepared to support the focused leadership of the President Jonathan.

The group chairman, also ask anyone with information to pass it to the Law enforcement agency as soon as possible so that the culprits can be caught and bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice. As the President is the chief security officer of the country and has more information on this matter than any Nigerian; whoever was behind the bomb blast will be sought for no matter who they are.



The Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign team’s use of social media and other digital tools is an indication of how President Goodluck Jonathan’s next administration will operate. With online campaigning, Peter says, Jonathan's use of technology to connect with Nigerian electorate is "very unique,” What you get is a perfect matching of philosophy, messaging and technology.


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