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Phuket FM Radio invites Phuket Schools to new Saturday Radio Show FormatFeatured PR

Long term FM Radio leader, 91.5 FM in Phuket, Thailand gives back to the community and opens it's studio to promote Phuket School activities with the creation of a Saturday Schools Format. Various Phuket Schools will be able to create and broadcast their own show utilising the facilities of Phuket English language radio station Phuket Island Radio.
Patong, Phuket, Thailand (pr4links.com) 21/10/2011
Phuket FM Radio Co Ltd broadcasting on 91.5 FM in Phuket and online at http://www.phuketfmradio.com is now in its fourth year of operation and whilst a commercial privately funded business has a clearly defined community social strategy.

This strategic plan has many milestone achievements including support for many of the Phuket based charities, lead implementation of the 2011 Earth Hour “Lights out Phuket” project, CAS projects at BIS and numerous other support and affiliation links to Phuket and its community.

91.5 FM intends to implement an innovative and new Saturday morning format commencing November and moving into full roll out in January 2012.

91.5 FM believes a Schools format on a Saturday would be extremely popular to the community with educational, fun, competitions and informative light entertainment as its base.

Saturday Schools will start after the 8AM BBC News programmes provided by the BBC such as Healthcheck, Discovery, Science in Action and the innovative series Click that will take the pre-planned broadcast to 10:00 AM.

The hourly BBC News which is supported by many quality brands here in Phuket will then be followed by a two hour show format sponsored by invited schools based on the Island. There is additional content planned for the period post the LIVE school show.

The objective is each and every Saturday to have one of four Phuket based schools alternating and supply 91.5 FM with a member/s of staff. The commitment of 91.5 FM along with facility and staff would be to train and assist in the broadcast of the two hour format.

The format is music requests, focused towards schools and students events, past and coming, student achievements, special requests, birthdays etc and to offer a local community radio feel to Saturday mornings utilizing staff from each invited school (note this is not student radio) although in time we may adapt to more senior responsible student involvement.

Should BIS be interested in discussions as a potential supporter of a Saturday Show perhaps you would be good enough to indicate so and we can arrange a mutual time to meet.

Byron Jones
Phuket FM Radio Co., Ltd.
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91.5 FM ( http://www.phuketfmradio.com ) radio has become immensely popular among Expats Tourists and Thai nationals in Phuket, Thailand. 91.5 FM has experience exponential growth since formation at the end of 2007 and now caters for Phuket Residents and visitors (over 3,500 Hotel guest room receive 91.5 FM) along with many global online listeners from over 50 countries around the world. All this complimented with hourly BBC International News, Sports updates and an evening show format designed


Byron Jones

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