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Social Candy Announces Its Social Engagement Platform: Sweet ShoppeFeatured PR

Affordable and Flexible Interactive Marketing Tools: Contests, Collagé, Giveaways and Sweeps
Healdsburg, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 20/10/2011
Social Candy, Inc., the leading provider of easy-to-use and affordable SaaS-based Facebook marketing tools, today announced its Social Engagement Platform, Sweet Shoppe. Sweet Shoppe allows customers to create innovative Facebook-based branding campaigns to increase LIKES, capture leads and improve fan engagement. The platform delivers feature-rich applications including fan-gating Facebook pages, easy-to-use back-end management tools and viral Facebook commenting and sharing functionality. Companies seeking a high quality, cost-effective Facebook marketing solution can purchase one or multiple social engagement apps that can easily be customized, modified and reused for a nominal monthly hosting fee.

"We are excited to launch Sweet Shoppe, our online platform that allows companies of all sizes to launch and manage custom interactive marketing applications with an easy-to-use suite of self-serve tools," stated Mark Gordon, President of Social Candy. "We are focused on offering feature-rich tools for companies to promote their branding and grow their fan base. Sweet Shoppe is a tremendous value, relative to similar offerings."

Sweet Shoppe's Social Engagement Platform contains four applications: Contests, Collagé, Giveaways and Sweeps. Each highly-viral Facebook app provides 100% white-labeled, fan-gated pages, easy-to-use management tools and reusable campaigns.

Sweet Shoppe Sweeps allows businesses to run fully branded product and service give-aways with entrants who have ‘liked’ their Facebook page. With Sweeps, organizations can grow their fan base quickly with fan-gated pages and fun, engaging promotions at a fraction of industry-standard costs. The flexible application supports single or multiple winners, performs random auto-selects and more.

Sweet Shoppe’s Contest enables businesses to involve fans and friends in marketing, which leads to increased loyalty and brand engagement. Participants can upload content, such as product usage photos or original art, and fans can vote on their favorites. Current Sweet Shoppe customers have allowed fans to design wine bottle labels, create seasonal posters, even submit poetry – all sparking viral sharing and rapid fan acquisition.

Collage, Sweet Shoppe's flagship application, allows fans to build posters, labels and scenes that can eventually be used for brand building and marketing by the sponsor company. The drag and drop 'scene builder' encourages creativity and gives users the ability to select backgrounds, images, graphics and text to build user-generated content that fosters brand affiliations and loyalty.

Sweet Shoppe’s Giveaways allows every entrant to receive a gift for participating in the campaign. For the cost of a button, product, t-shirt or coupon, companies can incentivize fans to increase Likes and broaden their online community. As with all Sweet Shoppe applications, Giveaways is 100% client branded, and can easily be modified and updated to run subsequent promotions for a low monthly subscription fee. The underlying management tools simplify particpant information management and enable integration with customer databases or email marketing systems.

Pricing starts at $2,499 for a completely white-labeled, fan-gated promotion for an initial setup fee along with subscription fee of $299 a month for as long as you use the application. The initial promotion can be reskined and reused to launch additional campaigns as long as the monthly subscription is maintained. Social Candy also provides more complex customized Facebook marketing ( http://www.social-candy.com/ ) campaigns on a per-project basis.

About Social Candy, Inc.
Social Candy is dedicated to providing affordable, flexible and easy-to-use tools for businesses to improve their marketing campaigns on Facebook. The cost effective and intuitive campaigns remove the financial and technical barriers for businesses to promote their brand, products and services on Facebook. Social Candy’s flexible architecture gives business users the ability to quickly and easily create and manage Facebook Fan Pages as well as run custom Facebook ( http://www.social-candy.com/ ) Promotions like sweepstakes and contests to improve awareness, grow Facebook fans and generate leads. Go to www.social-candy.com to sign up or try Social Candy for free. Also, visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/getsocialcandy or contact us at 888-525-3653 today.

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Facebook Promotions like sweepstakes and contests to improve awareness, grow Facebook fans and generate leads. Go to www.social-candy.com to sign up or try Social Candy for free. Also, visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/getsocialcandy.com or contact us at 888-525-3653 to sign up today.


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