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There is a Localblox Community in Your Neighborhood!

So, you’ve heard about Localblox, but you are not sure whether it is for you.
Bellevue, WA, United States (pr4links.com) 24/08/2011
So, you’ve heard about Localblox, but you are not sure whether it is for you. Meeting neighbors online? Sharing ideas and actually meeting a few neighbors personally? Another local social networking? Does one have to actively participate? What are the benefits? But I’m a business man/woman, what’s in it for me?

Don’t they always say that communication is so powerful? – It is and if we extend that to our neighborhood community, the first thing really that springs to mind is safety, crime prevention and how better can we handle those often rather pressing issues by communicating immediately when we experience or hear about a crime “hotspot”! A short alert message on Localblox can actually prevent more damage!

Try it out, just sign up with your neighborhood information on http://www.localblox.com and write a short sentence on the “wall” there. It’s so easily done!

And what about the moms working from home? Isn’t Localblox just such a great place to network and at the same time connect with other moms for little and big problems that occur with the little ones? Help is at hand, a tightly knit mom’s community service brings great benefits to all!

Are you a teacher or a provider of social services or youth development? Get in touch with local families to tell them about family friendly opportunities on the Localblox local Buzz. A short sentence is often enough!

Calling in a meeting for the housing association, want to make a special point for all to know? Look no further than a message on the local wall of Localblox! Maybe you can even manage in time to skip the personal meetings and conduct the meetings online on http://www.localblox.com!

Realtor agent watches here for trends and participates by giving advice, why not?

And if you have a local restaurants or a shop, Localblox is where you can feature your local business internet marketing for free and offer your discounts, vouchers, coupons or simply make friends with everybody like it was in the olden days! Everybody knew everybody in the village or town, building trust for a local business is of the essence! Announce an “open day” or a special market on the Localblox wall or even advertise on Localblox via cost effective ads and mobile local business advertising that everybody can afford. Check it out on http://www.localblox.com! Build local bridges and B2B connections, it’s so worth it!

Got a special or not so special hobby? Why not build a local men’s or women’s club where everybody can join in your hobby or charity or whatever else you are passionate about!

The first message is so easy: “Hi, my name is …, I love Localblox and I’m looking to make contact with nice neighbors!” – Try it and see what happens!

Visit here for more Information : http://localblox.com/Amenities.aspx


LocalBlox.com is a social networking platform that connects neighbors. Our goal is to help individuals connect to their local communities and build a bridge between neighbors and their local communities. The company was co-founded by CEO, Sabira Arefin, and CTO, Ashfaq Rahman.


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