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Stay Prepared for Hurricane Irene 2011

As Hurricane Irene moves toward the coast, residents and businesses are urged to stay prepared with an emergency backup water supply.
Sebastian, Florida, United States (pr4links.com) 23/08/2011
Sebastian, FL, July 28, 2011 – As Hurricane Irene strengthens in force and heads up the East Coast, residents and businesses are urged to stay prepared with a large supply of drinking water. Portable Tank Group has collapsible tanks that can be used to store water either inside or outside your home or facility.

In the aftermath of large storms, power and water outages are cause for concern among all residents in the surrounding areas. Having a backup supply of drinking water can keep you prepared for storms and the water outage that comes with it.

Collapsible tanks offer drinking water storage in containers that are easy to store and ship. When empty, the pillow-style tank can be quickly shipped and deployed to your location. They can also rolled up or folded and kept on shelves or in corners when they are not needed.

Frequently used by residents, companies, hospitals, government entities, and industrial facilities, collapsible tanks are made in wide variety of sizes ranging anywhere from 25 to 200,000 gallons. Their construction can provide you with low-profile design small enough to fit in basements, under decks, and in other small storage locations where they can keep your drinking water supply for when a disaster strikes.

Portable Tank Group is a well-known international liquid storage and containment solution provider. It offers a variety of liquid storage and secondary containment products, such as static storage tanks, flexitanks, poly plastic tanks, folding frame tanks, self supporting onion tanks, secondary spill containment berms, drive-through berms, and tank containment. All tanks and spill containment products are custom manufactured in the United States of America.

According to Mark Wilkie, president of Portable Tank Group, “Emergency water relief is always a topic when a natural catastrophe hits. It goes far behind stilling peoples thirst. Clean water for drinking, showering, washing, preparing baby food, cleaning up after the catastrophe passes by and so on, are only few things people have to take care of. Especially in larger businesses, such as clinics and hospitals or government entities, having drinking water is essential to handle the hundreds of people who need a working and functional emergency water relief system. Collapsible flexible tanks, rolled up when empty and stored in a corner, can be made immediately available to safely store potable drinking water and secure the water supply for weeks. It is always worth having a collapsible water tank in your needed capacity on hand and ready to use!”


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