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Melabic.com Providing All-Natural Alternative for Blood-Sugar Stabilization and Diabetes Control - N

A new easy-to-swallow nutritional supplement is blowing the lid off conventional diabetic medical advice. The all-natural formulation of Melabic, the sugar stabilizer, aims to reverse the world's diabetes epidemic without strict dieting, demanding exercise, costly medications or insulin shots
Houston, TX, United States (pr4links.com) 19/07/2011
Houston, TX July 14, 2011 -- Millions of individuals across the globe are either already diabetic or well on their way to becoming one. Indeed, diabetes is quickly turning into an epidemic of grand proportions. Once the disease takes root, it often quickly progresses, leaving the majority of its victims lifelong dependent on glucose-control medications, or worse, regular insulin injections. A new nutritional supplement, Melabic, is setting out to reverse this trend by stopping the deadly progression of diabetes in its tracks. To learn how to reverse diabetes and its complications the organic way, visit Melabic, the sugar stabilizer, online at http://www.melabic.com/stabilize_blood_sugar.html.

According to the American Diabetes Association, "There are 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, or seven percent of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 14.6 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, unfortunately, 6.2 million people (or nearly one-third) are unaware that they have the disease." The Centers for Disease Control further estimate that "an estimated 41 million Americans have prediabetes," a condition that, left untreated, usually turns into full-blown diabetes.

Yet even as these organizations stress the prevalence of the glucose-control problem, the advice they dole out only exacerbates the problem.

Julia Hanf, developer of the sugar-stabilizing Melabic, explains, "The nutritional advice given by the American Diabetic Association on its Web site will actually accelerate the diabetes process."

What does this acceleration mean for the average diabetic? A reduction in kidney function, blindness, the need for limb amputation, heart disease and stroke are just some of the most common life-robbing complications associated with poor glucose control.

Containing nine nutrients, each one hand-selected for its ability to rejuvenate the metabolic system, Melabic gets to the root cause of the diabetes problem and heals its consequences. With just one easy-to-swallow pill a day, diabetics and pre-diabetics can preserve their kidney function, prevent blindness, eliminate the likelihood of amputation and eradicate risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Hanf believes so strongly in Melabic's ability to stabilize blood-sugar levels that she offers an unconditional guarantee on the product. Users of the Melabic nutritional supplement who do not witness a noticeable drop in their glucose readings can return the product within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

For more information on how to control diabetes the all-natural way, contact Julia Hanf. To see the common-sense three-step Melabic system or to order the nutritional supplement, visit Melabic online at http://www.melabic.com/stabilize_blood_sugar.html.

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