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Patent Issued for Revolutionary Water Valve Guarantees over 10% Water SavingsFeatured PR

TeraValve has arrived with its proprietary revolutionary water valve based on fluid dynamics theory that can save 8 to 25 percent of water bills, enhance meter accuracy & eliminate excessive consumption.
Summit, NJ, United States (pr4links.com) 12/05/2014
The North American commercial establishments lamenting over staggering water bills can finally heave a sigh of relief- TeraValve has arrived with a revolutionary patented water valve which can assure 10% to as much as 25 % of water savings.

The company received the TeraValve water valve patent on April 28, 2014 & it's the sole patented water valve of its kind. A renowned division of leading NJ energy management software firm TeraHoldings, TeraValve has its advanced water valve installed in multiple US commercial applications- yielding more that 12 percent average savings.

"TeraValve is heavily focused on practical water saving water valve. It's our continued R&D that has taken us to the fore of water savings & conservation devices. The issued patent has rendered more credit to our break-through technology," stated the TeraValve spokesman.

He added, "We promise the best of technology in water and sewer savings- right from materials, internal working to installation of our unique proprietary valve. Addition to savings in water bills, our TeraValve is designed to enhance meter accuracy & eliminate excessive consumption."

TeraValve is engineered on Le Chatellier's volumetric dynamics principle as well as Boyle's law of gas pressure & volume. The TeraValve manager stressed on the air infusion problem in water pipes -that heightens the water volume leading to undue escalation of water bills.

"Another chief reason behind faulty bills is excessive pressure on water meter resulting in more rapid spins. Actually, water meters have been designed to function within a definite flow range & excess spin would mean more bills on your side- as well as stress damage to your equipment," the manager explained.

Speaking further, another senior spokesman emphasized on TeraValve's 100% water financing solutions in NJ. TeraValve has access to more than 200 million USD in different financing programs. Financing options would be based on clients' typical goals & specifications.

"We assure you high financing approval rates with reasonable interest rates. We help our clients with 3 major financing solutions- note financing, lease financing as well as zero out of wallet shared financing solutions," detailed Tera Holdings LLC President Paul Pape.

TeraValve has successfully catered to a myriad spread of commercial clients including hotels, property management agencies, high-rise condos, high-rise office apartments, laundry mats, food-processing plants and many more.

About TeraValve

TeraValve is a part of renowned energy management software firm TeraHoldings LLC. It has come up with a revolutionary water valve based on fluid dynamics that can assure huge savings in water bills for commercial buildings. For more, log on to http://www.teravalve.net



TeraValve is a part of TeraHoldings LLC that manufactures energy efficient products that can save on electricity and water to reduce thousands of dollars in water and sewer bills. To know more, visit http://www.teravalve.net/


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