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Home care products: Adds Glitter to life

The home care product adds glitters to the life of disabled people.These products have helped many and still in demand by many for enhancing their life.
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By considering the different disability problems, the medical experts have come up with various home care products to motivate the individuals in their life. These products have helped many and still in demand by many for enhancing their life. It has increased the ability of a person to act independently inside and out. With the help of daily living aids, a person can perform various activities without being burden on loved one or guardian. Some of the common mobility care products are walkers, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and so on. These provide extra freedom to enjoy and re-live the life happily.

The mobility products for instance, can be helpful to visit friends or relatives at leisure time. This adds mobility freedom to dull life. Other health products can make day to day living in general easy and independent. For handling the elderly people, the manufacturers have come up with various homecare products like bed rails, bath lifts, bath mats, raised toilet seats, shower spray, transfer benches, stools, safety frame, grab bars, tub rails and so on.

The bed rail EBR10 is in demand by the guardians to make their elderly people live happy life. A simple construction bed enables patient to carry out his or her work comfortably as they are easy to maintain, clean and operate. A multi-purpose bed meets the need of disabled people at affordable price. The rails on side protect the patient against a fall. The bed rail EBR10 has been designed with totally new side rail concept. It is a full length split side rail design. The bed offers the maximum rail length of 33” and width of 20”. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, it is easy to manage.

The purpose behind the side rails is to provide mobilization for patient. It helps the patient to reposition and exit from the bed safely. The helpers can assists patient positioning without any hurdle. It reduces the incidence of job-related injury. The bed raid can be easily disassembled according to the choice of patient. It can be carried out anywhere as it is portable in nature. The height can be adjusted as per the requirements. A built-in box spring safety straps makes it comfortable for the user.

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