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GJGCT Hail President Goodluck Jonathan’s Historic Victory

Without a shred of a doubt it is indeed evident that a new era has emerged within the political space of the most populous country in Africa -Nigeria. And it seemed like the first few lines of the National Anthem came alive anew.
London, UK, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 20/04/2011
Without a shred of a doubt it is indeed evident that a new era has emerged within the political space of the most populous country in Africa -Nigeria. And it seemed like the first few lines of the National Anthem came alive anew. “Arise Oh compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey” going by the massive turn out of voters at the Nigerian Presidential Elections held on Saturday the 16th of April 2011. For how could one explain the appearance of over 70million Nigerians that came out en masse to cast their votes, triggering a paradigm shift within the Nigerian political spectrum?

We sat in utter amazement as elections results streamed seamlessly into our Blackberrys direct from INEC, the Country’s election’s administrative body backed with twitter and text messages on the progress of the elections results. And we were outstanded by the analysis, dashboards, flows and charts of the trends of the votes swinging to or away from the various presidential candidates. I reckon Nigerians were even the more confused as it was quite paradoxical the professionalism manifested by the same electoral body that had hitherto raised concerns at home and amongst the international community that politics in Nigeria may not have moved on from the old days of “Business as Usual” going by the earlier postponement of the parliamentary elections. Yet more uncharacteristically was the patience of Nigerians with Professor Jega (Head of INEC) in waiting for the elections to unfold without casting outright aspersions on the competence of INEC.

It is worthy of note that the collective mandate of over 150 million Nigerians rested with apprehension and fragility on the effective implementation of the presidential elections by INEC and INEC did not let the electorate down, maximising to the fullest the edginess of technology to inform the electorate. It is this same technological savviness that brings me to the core competence of the President-elect, the ability to connect with the electorate leveraging technology and social media without the trappings of partisan politics or rancour that had in the past being the strategy of the political class.

As the presidential elections results streamed in, early analysis suggested a trend along geopolitical and religious divide. And the analytical mind was almost tempted to concede defeat that politics in Nigeria would always be covered in that dark veil of geopolitical and religious sentiments that had for long held Nigerians bound. But I beg to differ on the outcomes of the votes counted making this notion an inconclusive verdict. For how did President Goodluck Jonathan win by such large chunks of votes in Adamawa, Nasarawa, Kwara, Kogi, Plateau and even Taraba which are Northern States? One cannot but indulge in a sober reflection knowing that there are many Nigerians out there who truly believe in the “Nigerian State”.

That the mantra on the lips of every Nigerian is that “Are you a Nigerian” and not “Are you from the North, South, East or West”. One may perhaps conclude that President Goodluck Jonathan’s success in these Northern States was simply an isolated case, but I beg to disagree once again considering the land slide victory of the former Anti-graft Chief Nuhu Ribadu -a core Northerner who won in Osun State by 427,203 votes, a very core south West area (a sacred place among the “Yoruba forefathers” as where the origins of the world can be traced) and also being only slightly surpassed in Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun (Core South Western areas) by PDP.

The question then is? are the Nigerian people finally reaping the dividends of the “labours of our heroes past?” And is the victory of the President-elect Goodluck Jonathan a sign in that path to the true democracy that Nigerians across the globe have for too long waited patiently for?

We thank General Mohammed Buhari (CPC Presidential flag bearer) for his integrity, courage and consistency of spirit and for displaying a formidable challenge for the Presidency, after all without a strong and well grounded opposition, the Nigerian presidential elections would not have turned out successfully the way it did. Your legacy of Integrity, strength of character and discipline truly lives on.

We also thank Presidential flag bearer of ACN- Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu and Presidential flag bearer of ANPP- Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau for their fortitude and courage in challenging an Incumbent President with tenacity and purpose. Your Integrity shone through out the Presidential campaign and the Presidential elections.

And finally we thank our campaign Boss- Ambassador Dalhatu Sarki Tafida Director General, Goodluck- Sambo Campaign Organisation for delivering the strategy as promised the President. (i.e. Vision, Teamwork, Action, Faith, Indefatigable, Dependable, Actualize the Presidency for Goodluck Jonathan)

Congratulations to our formidable candidate and Boss; President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and Vice- President-elect Namadi Mohammed Sambo!

It was a home run but most importantly it was simply down to Goodluck!

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Thanks to the Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT) across the globe for their huge efforts and the 9 months of persistent online campaign.

Closing Remark

Peter Eledan, MSc, MBA - Chairman, Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team (GJGCT) and Vice – Chairman, NIDOE UK Chapter.

Adebayo Oladuntoye, MBA – Contributing Editor GJGCT .

The website, http://www.goodluckjonathanfor2011.com , provides news and updates on Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign activities, information about his vision for Nigeria’s development, news on Nigerian Politics and lots more.



The Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign team’s use of social media and other digital tools is an indication of how President Goodluck Jonathan’s next administration will operate. With online campaigning, Peter says, Jonathan's use of technology to connect with Nigerian electorate is "very unique,” What you get is a perfect matching of philosophy, messaging and technology.


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