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Exciting Recruitment Trips Offered by US Opportunities

US have always been a dream place for many to study and work with the best US employers.
Boca Raton, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 19/04/2011
US have always been a dream place for many to study and work with the best US employers. US Opportunities, one of the best recruitment agencies in USA has thus made the search of new job openings in US easier through its various programs and policies. Again in order to cater the need of huge labor demands in US companies, it has started recruitment trips to get the right man for the right job.

Briefing about Recruitment Trips

This is nothing but arranging job fairs in different home countries to where the international participants belong to. US Opportunities provide US employers the opportunity to travel abroad to select the candidates as per their choice. Meeting the prospective employees before joining to work is the ultimate goal of this trip. Both group trips and individual employer’s trips are arranged.

Apart from testing the language skills and other professionalisms, this world-wide trip helps to exchange the various cultural differences of different countries.

Mike Lombardi, Director US Opportunities comments, “We provide assistance to companies which need brilliant candidates. Most of the companies who have run short of labors have fulfilled their requirement through us”. To him this international event paves the way to hire the most suitable person in the whole world.

Schedule of the Trip

These job fairs are arranged every year in different places like Philippines, Indonesia, China, South Korea and South America. US Opportunities arranges this international event at least four to six months prior to peak seasons with the help of its international partners. These international agents working with US Opportunities are specially trained to select suitable candidates with the help of successful campaigns of promoting the job fairs. Depending on the requirement of the company, these events are held for about 1 to 3 days at each site.

Starting from flight accommodation, visa, visit to embassy, venue and presenting the event, US Opportunities provide every assistance to these US companies going for a visit.

Thus US Opportunities takes the entire responsibility of travel during these international job fairs.

About Us:

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