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Advanced Lipo Treatment Offered Under Local Anesthesia

The advanced clinics of Sualipo are offering lipo therapy under local anesthesia, and claim to remove 90% body fat quickly and safely.
Copacabana, RJ, Brazil (pr4links.com) 07/04/2011
Obesity has grown to become a major threat now, and it is a global problem as well. Thousands of men and women all over the world are facing the problem of unwanted fat, and this excess fat can cause several medical conditions. Lipo surgery services provided under local anaesthesia using modern equipment. Often, these conditions can become very serious too. Luckily, there are various ways to get rid of this unwanted fat, but the problem is, none of them seem to provide a permanent result. The obesity problem keeps returning. Here is some great news for all those people who want to get rid of their obesity problem. Lipoaspiracao or liposuction, which is also often referred to as Lipo, is now promising to provide a lasting solution to the problem of fat accumulation.

Lipo is a cosmetic procedure that has become extremely popular among both men and women in recent times. The process is quick and there are no serious side effects. It not only reduces the gordura localizada or localized fat, but also enhances beauty by treating double chins. It is used for carrying out breast reductions and lifts. Liposuction can be done in the arms, thighs and other areas. There are many clinics today that offer these services, but the Center for Advanced Liposuction has become a favorite among many people. The Center for Advanced Liposuction has clinics in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

The popularity of these clinics has spread far and wide thanks to the success stories being reported by the media. As a result, the clinics are getting patients not just from Brazil, but from the neighboring countries as well, and even from the US. The Center for Advanced Liposuction claims that they can remove up to 90 percent of unwanted fat from just about any body part, and that too under local anesthesia. The centers are able to remove as much fat as possible under local anesthesia and this is quite an achievement. Even though local anesthesia is applied, a professional anesthesiologist is always present during the surgical intervention to remove the excess fat. A patient can thus gain from the benefits of traditional lipo, without the risks associated with being under anesthesia the recovery time is quick too.

The surgical procedures at all the four clinics are performed in an extremely clean environment using state-of-the-art equipment. The Lipo procedure is always performed by an expert surgical team. Detailed pre-care and post-care procedures are followed. All processes followed confirm to the ANVISA and CFM laws.

A lot of people prefer these four Lipo centers because of their excellent safety records. More than a hundred patients have asked for liposuction at these centers under local anesthesia, and there have been no instances of serious complications or infections. The processes followed also ensure that there is a lower risk of thromboembolism and fat embolism. Visit the site www.sualipo.com.br.get the best lipoaspiracao services.

About the Center for Advanced Liposuction: The center runs four Lipo clinics at various locations in Brazil at Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. The clinics offer advanced liposuction under local anesthesia, and under the strict supervision of a professional anesthesiologist and expert surgeons. The center confirms to all safety precautions and international regulations.


Centro Avancado Lipoaspiracao
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Rua Siqueira Campos,
43, Gr.706, Brazil
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Lipo surgery services provided under local anaesthesia using modern equipment. Visit www.sualipo.com.br to get the best lipoaspiracao services.


Dr. Eduardo Sitnoveter

Rua Siqueira Campos, 43, Gr.706
Zipcode : 22031-070

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