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Parttimejobsproindia.Com Sees Increase in Software Jobs and Hiring After Recession Hiccup

Job trends in Parttimejobsproindia.com suggest that while the number of software jobs available in the market fell from mid-2008 to mid-2010, there is surge in job offerings since last 6 months.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India (pr4links.com) 29/03/2011
The recession in the U.S. inevitably had its effect on India. While most sectors took it in their stride and continued to grow at a good rate, the IT services sector that depends heavily on the U.S. clients saw a dip in its profit. Domestic growth and other markets helped it to grow, but not at its previous high rate. Consequently, the feverish hiring activity of the earlier years was not sustained. Parttimejobsproindia.com saw a sharp rise in the hiring activities of IT companies in the second half of 2010.

While India has been an offshore haven for U.S. and various countries Europe, this period saw a light change in the trend as the rapid growth of Indian businesses also brought serious revenue to Indian IT companies. This also created many software jobs in the IT sector during the downturn in the U.S., but the growth was not comparable to the earlier boom years.

Parttimejobsproindia.com saw a sharp rise in the number of jobs offered by IT enterprises as the global economy took baby steps towards recovery. It also saw the rise in the number of jobs offered in the realty, pharmaceutical, auto, sales, retail, and other sectors during the past six months. As new business flourish, the IT sector has resumed its hiring activity at a quick pace. The increased internet penetration and usage across the county has also contributed greatly to the success and growth of IT companies and in conjunction with increased demand from the U.S., the number of software jobs on offer has risen considerably.

Parttimejobsproindia.com saw a positive rise in number of jobs available in the market for January and February in 2011 compared to 2009 and 2010. Compared to 2010, it saw an increase of 11% in the hiring activity of companies across the country. The increase is not limited to a particular sector or region; there is a uniform growth in most industry sectors across all the major cities.

The U.S. has resumed its policy of outsourcing more and more jobs and projects to India and this has created a large number of software jobs. More than any other sector, according to Parttimejobsproindia.com, it is the IT sector that has benefited from the improving global economy. The data suggests that IT and auto are the fastest growing sector in India today in terms of job creation. The only sectors to see a slight decrease in hiring are banking and finance sectors.

Parttimejobsproindia.com says that this is probably the best time since last decade for people looking for software jobs. The job site has seen a large number of IT companies posting jobs for hardware and networking engineers, software developers, designers, quality expert, system analysts and other IT jobs. The company said that its clients anticipated a further increase in their need for recruitments and saw creation of more jobs as the global economy shows signs of continuing to improve, and software industry is expected to be the major recruiter in the coming months.


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