Press Releases for KWALEE

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    Flip the Cats on iOS arrives on the App Store

    UK based mobile game studio Kwalee are pleased to announce the arrival of Flip the Cats on iOS.

    By : | 02-21-2013 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1592

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    Kwalee announce Koala, their proprietary, cross platform, game players network

    Kwalee™ make social games and Koala™ provides the entire infrastructure to allow players to find and play each other.

    By : | 01-22-2013 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1577

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    Big makeover for iOS version of classic game

    Launched in September 2012 Pussy Flip has made the App Store top 10 board game chart in 32 different countries and has built a strong community of regular players. Now it is receiving a huge makeover and a brand new name.

    By : | 01-10-2013 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1455

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    Smartphones will render compact digital cameras extinct by 2015

    Kwalee believe they have developed a social multiplayer gameplay mechanic that will revolutionise the way players compete with their photos.

    By : | 12-17-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1581

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    Kwalee looking for freelance artists to help with demanding schedule of releases

    With four games currently in development for release in the new year, Kwalee's Art Department are working more than flat out lovingly crafting art for our eager audience.

    By : | 11-30-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1584

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    New programmer, David Smithson, joins team Kwalee

    Kwalee are going from strength to strength right now with a noticeable increase in media attention surrounding the release of the third game - Farm Fighters and the imminent update to their second title Pussy Flip

    By : | 11-24-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1454

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    Andrew Graham on course to change the games industry with completely new game mechanic

    Andrew Graham, the man responsible for the design and coding on the original Micro Machines is set to change the way we play games on portable devices forever.

    By : | 11-09-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1496

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    STEADY,AIM,FIRE! Farm Fighters Weapons Revealed

    Ever fancied firing a cluster bomb at a sheep? Or perhaps donning your pimp hat and dropping a nuke on a pig? Or maybe an airstrike is more appealing? All these things and more are possible in the new turn based game from Kwalee - Farm Fighters.

    By : | 10-29-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1416

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    Pussy Flip Goes Global

    Pussy Flip has reached the top 10 in the board game charts on the App Store in 32 countries including: Thailand, Pakistan, Iceland and Russia and is also within the top 10 strategy game charts in 18 countries including: Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia and Iceland.

    By : | 10-19-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 476

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    Kwalee Announce Farm Fighters For Release In 2012

    Original, offbeat, visually charming yet slightly disturbing - no it's not Gangnam Style you'll be glad to hear, it's the newest development from Kwalee, originally codenamed BLT, the game has now officially been named 'Farm Fighters'

    By : | 10-09-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 471