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    New Singapore Company Incorporation Guide to Save on Taxes is Published by SBS Consulting

    SBS Consulting has come up with a new guide for newbie owners on Singapore company registration. SBS is a trusted firm for Singapore company incorporation services. The guide details on how, the underlying business structure can undermine or elevate the chances of making it big for a business owner.

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    Singapore very attractive for hedge fund managers, says Singapore company incorporation

    Hedge funds startups in Singapore are on the rise after the central bank approved new rules that will exempt most funds from obtaining Capital Market Services licence.

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    Singapore is a powerhouse for green technology, says Singapore company registration

    Minister for National Development, Mah Bow Tan, shared some of the government’s innovative urban development policies that propelled Singapore to recently grab the number one spot as Asia’s most liveable city.

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    Tips for Your Hong Kong Business Registration

    When setting up a Hong Kong business, it is important to know which type of company will work best for you. Most individuals prefer to start a private limited company, whereas foreign companies prefer to go with a subsidiary company.

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  • 656 discuss the Common Questions about a Singapore LLC

    A Singapore LLC is a limited liability company. This is the most popular option for starting a business. The LLC in Singapore is a separate business entity from the parent company and is not responsible for the parent company liabilities.

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    Rikvin Discusses on Singapore Employment Pass Details

    Foreign entrepreneurs who have just incorporated a company in Singapore may apply for an employment pass if they wish to move into the country. The same goes for corporations that are looking to relocate staff such as managing directors and management staff to run their operations.

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    AsiaBiz Talks About Singapore Company Registration

    AsiaBiz Services, the leading business registration firm in Singapore, said that incorporating a company usually takes a few days in the country in an effort to encourage foreign and local businessmen and investors.

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    Singapore Company Registration Statistics for September 2010 Released

    Janus has released Singapore company registration statistics for September 2010, providing a snapshot of the number of company registrations and the profile of businesses incorporated in Singapore

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    Singapore Company Registration: Own a Singapore Company without Leaving Home

    AsiaBiz Services, Singapore’s leading business registration firm, said that foreign entrepreneurs, companies, and shareholders can have a business in the country without having to “physically” relocate in the country.

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