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    Type Two Diabetes Diet and Nutrition Basics

    Typefreediabetes offers a full line of diabetic testing supplies, including; heart rate monitor watch, diabetes socks, delivered prepared meals, durable diabetes medical equipment, body fat monitor and facts about diabetes.

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    What problems does high blood pressure cause?

    The most common way to get a blood pressure reading is through the use of a wrist blood pressure monitor or a canvas band that fits around an arm or a leg. This blood pressure monitor measures systolic (si-stol-ik) and diastolic (dahy-uh-stol-ik) pressure by pumping air into the cuff until the cuff is snug around the arm or leg.

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    A healthy type 2 diabetes diet and meal plans

    A type two diabetic diet is all about controlling the number of calories people with diabetes eat. Because,

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    Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar can be Dangerous!

    Low blood sugar Hypoglycemia is a serious condition in which a person has a dangerously low amount of glucose in their bloodstream.

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