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    Golden Age Medical Dedicated Online Portal

    Golden Age Medical has an online portal and is excited to announce the offering of innovative solutions and products that are dedicated to improve the lifestyles of those reaching mature ages and having some health issues to deal with.

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    Diagnostic Tests for Type 2 Diabetes

    The most common tests are the urine and finger prick test. However, to be doubly sure, you need to conduct at least two or three lab tests including random or fasting blood sugar monitors and oral glucose tolerance tests. If test results are positive, it is a good idea to redo the tests on another randomly selected day.

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    What problems does high blood pressure cause?

    The most common way to get a blood pressure reading is through the use of a wrist blood pressure monitor or a canvas band that fits around an arm or a leg. This blood pressure monitor measures systolic (si-stol-ik) and diastolic (dahy-uh-stol-ik) pressure by pumping air into the cuff until the cuff is snug around the arm or leg.

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    The Traditional Asian Diet Pyramid!

    Good nutrition for Diabetes involves maintaining a well-balanced diabetic diet sample plan that includes whole grains, protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit and some unsaturated fats.

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