Press Releases for FARM FIGHTERS

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    New programmer, David Smithson, joins team Kwalee

    Kwalee are going from strength to strength right now with a noticeable increase in media attention surrounding the release of the third game - Farm Fighters and the imminent update to their second title Pussy Flip

    By : | 11-24-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1454

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    STEADY,AIM,FIRE! Farm Fighters Weapons Revealed

    Ever fancied firing a cluster bomb at a sheep? Or perhaps donning your pimp hat and dropping a nuke on a pig? Or maybe an airstrike is more appealing? All these things and more are possible in the new turn based game from Kwalee - Farm Fighters.

    By : | 10-29-2012 | Technology:Mobile | Total Views : 1416

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    Kwalee Announce Farm Fighters For Release In 2012

    Original, offbeat, visually charming yet slightly disturbing - no it's not Gangnam Style you'll be glad to hear, it's the newest development from Kwalee, originally codenamed BLT, the game has now officially been named 'Farm Fighters'

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