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Entertainment Features on The Palm Pre Plus Aren’t As Good As That on iPhone 4 AT&T.

This article is about Palm Pre Plus – it is smart phone with a good set of features but it is short on the entertainment front. For people who love grooving to music or watching videos, there is iPhone 4 AT&T.
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Palm Pre Plus is a phone which is better than its predecessor, the Palm Pre. It has double the storage capacity and double amount of RAM. There is also an inductive back cover for charging through a unique technology called Touchstone and the improved QWERTY keyboard feels great for typing long messages. If you like to type on the screen directly, there is iPhone 4 AT&T.It is still hard to call this phone an ideal handset owing to some flaws inside. The speaker phone volume is a bit too soft and it is hard to talk while in noisy environments. There are not a lot of editing options for the camera and people who like the watch videos will bitterly miss landscape view on the phone. The phone doesn’t support V Cast Video or Music either. While operating, it is said that the phone heats up and this might alarm some users. Entertainment options aren’t as good as what you’d get on iPhone 4 AT&T.

To sum up, it can be said that the Palm Pre Plus really earns its place as a cool Web OS device. The performance has been improved and so has the design. You will also notice the upgraded features here. This phone is made for Verizon customers and will serve well to people looking for a versatile smart phone for balancing their work and personal lives. This handset will compete hard with iPhone 4 AT&T in the market.


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