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LEED certification for green building rating system

This valuable site will help students to undertake the leed exam and come out successfully. They provide all the manuals and practical solving techniques to pass the exam at the first attempt.
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LEED is a rating system devised by the US government to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable designs. Professionals involved in construction business have to take this leed certification course to perform better in building an environmental friendly green home. LeedingNews.com provides news and LEED developments for leaders in energy and environmental design. This site acts as a guide to the LEED green association exam. This is like an all in one package such that you may find all the information regarding LEED here.

This site helps building professionals and architects to get connected and updated in their field by sending their members newsletter. LEED conducts classes for the professional who wish to appear for the leed certification exam. They teach their students with the expert professional in this field.

Now let us see what does the spokes person of this site says about it. “Having a leed certification with you is an additional added advantage for you to build a green building as per the norms of the US government. Architects and contractors search for a leed certified professional to design their environmental green building with well versed conservation of energy and water, reducing harmful green house emission, and healthy environments for occupants of the building. They also look forward some other features like those who can lower operating costs, which would increase the value of the building. Leed certified professional will be the demand for the future construction field with their well versed knowledge”.

Emission of radon gas from underground is one of the important factors while designing a building because this will cause some deadly disease like cancer, all LEED certified professionals are well trained to design a building to prevent the entry of this gas into the building.

“I am now a LEED AP thanks to PPI’s instructors and the PPI LEED Exam Prep Class. The tips provided were very helpful in preparing me for the exam and their books were instrumental in helping me understand the LEED Rating System and preparing me to pass the exam. I can’t say enough about PPI’s approach to LEED exam preparation,” says one of the former students Timothy J. Monger of Leeding News Energy and Environmental Design.

“The importance of obtaining LEED certification can never be over-emphasized for those who are interested in rising high in the construction industry of the future. At a time when jobs are scarce yet employers are looking for highly qualified professionals, the difference in having a LEED certificate and not having one can even mean having or job or being made redundant” he adds.

About Leeding News Energy and Environmental Design:

This is a great site with lots of helpful tips and information appendices to get you through the LEED green association exam.

For more information please visit: http://leedingnews.com/



This is a great site with lots of helpful tips and information appendices to get you through the LEED green association exam. For more information please visit: www.leedingnews.com


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