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Home Remedies For Pink Eye – Reduces The Pain and Redness Of The Eye.

A person is caused to pink eye due to the infection of bacteria or viral affected to it. This problem affects the white part of the eye which leads to redness and irritation
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Home remedies for pink eye is found in many ways through various mediums like magazines, articles on internet and many more. This pink is caused due to the virus or bacteria which affects the white part of the eye and turns it into pink color which irritates a lot to the person diagnosed to it. The pain and itching remains for several days and it is unbearable because the infection cause only one eye at the beginning and later it spreads to the second eye. You may get various medicines in market which cure this problem but the best way for it is pink eye home remedies. There are various home remedies which one should follow they are:
• Take one teaspoon of chamomile flower dried and add to one cup of warm water and leave it for 10 minutes. After the water cools down use it as an eye wash which will reduce the pinkness and irritating in eye. Repeat it thrice in a day.
• Other best home remedies for pink eye is use an elderberry blossom tea which clears the pinkness and also conjunctivitis after washing the eyes.
• Boiled Fennel seeds are been use as eye wash which reduces the redness, inflammation, itchiness and also pain in eyes.
• One of the best methods on pink eyes home remedies is take few drops of honey and put directly in your eyes or you can also firstly put it into boil water and let it cool down. Later on use it as a wash for your eyes which helps to cool the eyes from inflammation.
• Turmeric solution is one of the best ways to decrease the cause of the pink eyes. Take turmeric powder and add it to one cup of boiled water and this paste you can apply on the closed eyes which will give you coolness from irritation. Instead of turmeric you can also use yoghurt directly applying on eye.


Taking care of eye health is quite important and equally important is to take proper guidance in the diseases like eye illusions, conjunctivitis symptoms, eye floaters, color blindness as they should be inspected and even the guidance is required in laser eye surgery, lasic eye surgery and cataract surgery is necessary.



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