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CODE Satis Egitimi - Satis Gelistirme offers Specialized Sales Training Packages for IndustriesFeatured PR

As a leading sales training company in Turkey, CODE Satis Egitimi - Satis Gelistirme now offers specialized sales training packages for various industries depending on their specific needs.
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (pr4links.com) 04/04/2019
With over 10 years of experience in Satis Egitimi, CODE Satis Egitimi - Satis Gelistirme offers effective sales training methods and tips that help to increase your sales. During the past 10 years they have prepared the Scientific Sales Training and sales development methods; Thousands of hours of analysis, Tens of thousands of hours of research, Unlimited international education and more than twenty thousand field test costs by paying, contributing to the formation of these unique educational resources, all the above logo to their customers to thank the end of their 10th year.


When asked about their sales training packages, the spokesperson of the company said, "We offer specialized Sales Training Packages for your Industry depending on your specific needs. Sales are different in every sector and differ in Product-Service-Service-Support within the sector. The sales channel and method are the last sub-break. For this, it is vital that Satis Egitimi is tailored to you. You can visit Code Sales Academy for Individual Sales Training Programs."

At CODE Satis Egitimi - Satis Gelistirme, they have achieved success stories in local and international companies in Turkey, finally crossed the country's borders, they have managed to attract the attention of a giant global brand.

"Abroad Satis Egitimi is exported, and Sales Control Systems have come to the state. Now we are giving our training to our foreign customers in two languages. Moreover, these programs have been explored from all over the world and have been developed by the Turkish team in Maslak, Istanbul. Although, even if we are giving foreign sales development services to our clients, our primary goal is to develop local and global sales company in Turkey market. To analyze the decision dynamics of Turkish people and purchasing departments, to provide professional sales teams with new generation sales methods and systems with the easiest and ready to use the form", added the spokesperson.

With thousands of hours of analysis, tens of thousands of hours of research, unlimited international training and over twenty-five field tests saat, CODE Satis Egitimi - Satis Gelistirme is capable of offering experience in every sector and a separate training plan in every sector.

About Company

CODE Satis Egitimi - Satis Gelistirme in Turkey offers a wide range of Satis Egitimi methods and tips that help to increase your day and night sales. To know more, visit https://www.satismuhendisligi.com/

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Contact Name: Bahadir Yener
Address: Nisbetiye Caddesi Altinekin Sk. No:3,ISTANBUL, Turkey, 34337
Phone: +902122873152


About CODE Satis Egitimi

Code Consulting Sales trainings are completely different and professional way to develop sales engineering skills for Professional Sales Teams. They have been offering full range of sales development aids for Mid – Big volume companies in Turkey. For more info, please log on to http://www.satismuhendisligi.com


Bahadir Yener
CODE Satis Egitimi
Nisbetiye Caddesi Altinekin Sk. No:3
Zipcode : 34337

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