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Fairfax Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Discusses Trending Bathroom StylesFeatured PR

The bathroom remodeling contractors at Dirt Connections published a blog post highlighting the latest bathroom tile trends.
Annandale, Virginia, United States (pr4links.com) 07/08/2018
The Fairfax bathroom remodeling contractors at Dirt Connections published a blog post highlighting the latest Fairfax bathroom tile trends. Updating the tile in your bathroom is a simple way to improve your bathroom's decor without completely remodeling the room.

This year's bathroom tile trends focus on making subtle statements. For example, a monochromatic mix of gray shades can be used to create a minimalistic herringbone tile pattern, while larger tiles can be used to create zig zags and other patterns on floors. Pale blue, a bright yet soothing color, is also popular, as are warm metallics like a brushed bronze or gold hue. While glossy tiles continue to remain a standby in bathrooms, matte tiles that reflect less light are often used for a more sophisticated look. Subway tiles, traditionally small and a common feature in many bathrooms, are likely to appear in more colors and sizes to allow for more flexibility, and geometric tiles in shapes like hexagons are also expected to rise in popularity. Finally, tiles of all shapes and colors come in more textural finishes than before, providing a new element of tactile and visual interest.

When selecting a new tile design for your bathroom, consider the general style you would like to achieve first. A more modern bathroom will likely have different elements than one modeled on a vintage aesthetic. It may also be helpful to consider the size of your bathroom, as darker colors are generally better suited to larger spaces so as not to make the room feel too constricting. Ensure that your accents match the tile and style of the bathroom so that the entire look is cohesive and polished.

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