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Higher, faster, further: international dialogue for companies through audio contentFeatured PR

For over four decades, ALPHATRAD UK, a part of the Optilingua International group has been delivering technical and specialised translation services, multilingual voice-overs and more at the quality you deserve.
London, London, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 25/04/2018
Digital dialogue knows no borders - to provide recordings for international target groups, video content, voice annotation or e-learning materials, etc., ALPHATRAD is increasing its database to include 600 professional speakers. As translation service providers, ALPHATRAD speakers have the relevant background in technical translation that guarantees the reliable translation quality of an international, well-established translation service provider.

Whether it is for corporate videos, e-learning courses or a telephone information service, no company that exports services and products can afford to do without native speakers in the relevant target countries. Many digital services based on audio content - such as explanatory films, audio guides or voice annotation and voice-overs in PowerPoint presentations - therefore require convincing speakers, who can record this content in the relevant native language of the target country.

ALPHATRAD is now expanding its offer of individual native-speaker audio services for companies with international activities, with a total of 600 native speakers in 34 target languages and dialects on call. The audio service available to the client ranges from the choice of the appropriate speaker to the finished recording, such as a telephone information service or a trade fair video. The production is provided in collaboration with professional recording studios which are Alphatrad partners.

Translation services for international success

ALPHATRAD supports companies across the world through precise technical translations in over 100 languages worldwide, and in both directions - from the source language to the target language and vice versa. ALPHATRAD has a branch office in London and another 80 in the rest of Europe, as well as an international translator network of 3,500 qualified translators and native speakers to call upon.

ALPHATRAD translators only translate into their native language and work in their fields of expertise, guaranteeing the necessary technical knowledge for each translation. They use translation memory systems such as TRADOS. The audio services and voice recordings provided by ALPHATRAD are also based on these principles, ensuring the absolute professionalism of the translation service which is a key factor for companies. With the new options and 600 native speakers, companies now have even more opportunities for international rollout of digital content.


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ALPHATRAD UK is part of the Optilingua International group, with over 40 years' experience and over 80 branch offices in Europe. The Optilingua group works with translators across the world, as well as the company's permanent staff, and offers technical, legal and other specialised translations along with many other translation services.


About Alphatrad UK

Optilingua is a leading translation company, with more than 35 years' experience and over 80 sales offices worldwide (with one in the UK). Furthermore, with such an international presence, the Optilingua network of 3500 professional translators stretches throughout the world. Alphatrad UK is the commercial name of the United Kingdom subsidiary.


Daniel Sommerlade
Alphatrad UK
Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn
Zipcode : WC1V 7JH