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Terason uSmart Presents New Look of UltrasoundFeatured PR

A market leader in portable color ultrasound, Terason has developed uSmart ultrasound equipment to revolutionize the face of contemporary ultrasound. uSmart assures workhorse technology, crystal clear imagery and a user-friendly interface.
Burlington, Massachusetts, United States (pr4links.com) 08/04/2016
Terason, a leading name in portable color ultrasound, has developed its signature line of advanced uSmart medical ultrasound equipment even further with the release of the uSmart 3300. The uSmart line represents the new look of ultrasound developed for a range of clinical practices.

"We are here to revolutionize ultrasound with developments in portable, high performance systems. Our latest uSmart products promise the newest technology, brilliant imagery and an intuitive, ergonomic interface," stated Jeff Sirek, General Manager at Terason.

The industry pioneer of portable color ultrasound, Terason is a unit of Teratech Corporation, founded by Dr. Alice Chiang in 1994. Dr. Chiang established the division based on integrated circuit technology developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Sirek added, "Dr. Chiang has dedicated Terason to the development of premium commercial micro-miniaturized ultrasound systems. Our uSmart product offers you the most advanced features and functionality in ultrasound equipment that maximizes your workflow, improves clinical efficacy and enhances productivity in daily practice."

uSmart is powered by features like Terason's next-generation ENV (Enhanced Needle Visualization) and Terascape Panoramic Imaging for some of the clearest images available. The systems are based on a Windows-based operating system that assures long-term stability and flexibility for image processing, reporting, communication and system integration.

"We have deployed advanced proprietary algorithms and firmware to generate striking quality images that other ultrasound equipment simply cannot. Our systems can be easily integrated into existing communication infrastructures or run as a standalone workstation within a hospital or at any remote location," further explained Jeff.

He also mentioned Terason's exclusive uConnect™ remote diagnostic program, which is designed to establish a screen-share virtual link with a support representative, minimizing downtime.

Terason has been shipping ultrasound equipment to hospitals, clinicians, OEM partners & outpatient centers since 2000. As a market-leader in ultrasound, Terason has pioneered applications for venous intervention, MSK, cardiology, interventional radiology, vascular surgery, endocrinology and breast surgery among others.

About Terason

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Alice Chiang, Terason has quickly become a market leader in ultrasound innovation and technology. Its uSmart line of products, including the 3200T and 3300 continue to set the standard of excellence in ultrasound. For more details, visit www.terason.com

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About Terason

Terason, a division of Teratech Corporation began in 1994, drawing upon technology perfected at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Alice Chiang founded the company to apply developments in the fields of radar, sonar and telecommunications technologies to the demanding requirements of battlefield ultrasound. Recognizing that decades of breakthrough research for the Department of Defense could be applied to the challenges of mainstream ultrasound imaging, Dr. Chiang formed the Terason division.


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