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CSOFT International Language Competition on TermWiki.com

First ever language race commences on multilingual social learning site
Chaoyang, Beijing, China (pr4links.com) 26/02/2011
CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of multilingual localization, testing, and software development services for the global market, announced today the official launch of the “language race” on TermWiki.com. This wiki-based competition on the rapidly growing social learning network and online multilingual reference site encourages anyone, writers, linguists and translators to compete to push their native language to the top of the “most active” list. TermWiki.com allows users to find terms, definitions, and translations in 75+ languages and over 200 industries at no cost to its users. Since the test launch of the race in early February, traffic to the site has increased ten-fold.

“An overwhelming majority of online content today is in English,” said Carl Yao, Executive Vice President and head of Global Strategy for CSOFT International Ltd. “We thought it would be fun to create a competition so our users can push up lesser known or even endangered languages to the top of the TermWiki glossary.”

The TermWiki community has grown 100% since the beginning of 2011. Initially drawing crowds primarily from the translation community, today, the site pulls users from college students and professors to Fortune 500 companies to individuals seeking all types of information and translations. Using TermWiki's intuitive Web 2.0 interface, a user can easily add or upload terms, definitions and translations, and others in the TermWiki community are then able to discuss and give feedback on each term. The site is rapidly gaining ground as the platform of choice for managing terminologies with the introduction of My Glossary in late 2010.

“Competition evokes an emotional response when we win or lose and generates participation,” continued Yao. “This is exactly why the TermWiki language race is heating up. Furthermore, by giving contributors their much-deserved recognition, TermWiki.com provides its users with a social networking platform through which to connect with friends, peers and other professionals. At the moment, English, Polish, German, Turkish, Japanese, Russian and Greek are leading the race, but the leader spot is a moving target.”

For more information about the TermWiki language race, please visit: http://www.termwiki.com/Special:Language_Race. Signing up to participate in the language race is free.

For more information on CSOFT, please visit http://www.csoftintl.com. Media inquiries should be directed to elena.mccoy@csoftintl.com or melissa.taing@csoftintl.com.


CSOFT International is the world’s leading provider of multilingual localization, testing and language technology solutions. Recognized as a Top 30 Language Service Providers worldwide, CSOFT delivers quality-driven localization and language solutions with fanatical customer service, ISO-certified processes, and an award-winning multinational leadership team.



CSOFT delivers quality-driven localization and software development services with fanatical customer service, cutting-edge language technology, ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 certified processes, and an award-winning leadership team. Common Sense Advisory recently recognized CSOFT as one of the Top 35 Language Service Providers worldwide, a milestone that reinforces CSOFT’s commitment to best practices, fiscal stability, and superior service.



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