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Easy Way to Shorten Links and View WebPages at the Same Time

People who are tired of having to deal with long lins don’t have to worry about this as it is possible to make them short and view a webpage at the same time thanks to Blake Embrey
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When looking for a url shortener, look no further than the Blake Embrey, Inc to get one that is simple yet easy to use. All an individual needs to do in this case is enter the link they are dealing with and they have the option of either making it shorter or custom making the keyword. This can be used by anyone as the company offers simple instructions that are easy to read and follow for one to go through the process without any complications. This does not require any effort since all individuals need to do is copy paste the link they are dealing with and it is shortened automatically by the company. This way a person can use this on the address bar and go directly to the page once they have clicked enter. Individuals can also get more information about the link when they add ‘-‘to the url.

Persons can find a list of frequently asked questions on givc to understand and use it better without any doubts in mind. The company also goes ahead to give a list of tools that can be used for the process. These are normally referred to as bookmarklets where one can choose the one they want to use with ease. Some of the options that persons have when it comes to the premium bookmarklets include shorten, instant shorten, custom shorten, custom instant shorten that are slightly different.

Individuals can also use the Twitter url shortener if they are fans of the social network as Gi.vc provides a default URL shortener. All individuals needs to do in this case is navigate from the settings to the services to url shortening and finally to the custom option. With Tweetdeck, move from the settings to services and enter the url that the company provides. The company also offers applications that allow one to generate the URLS easily and quickly. Here persons also gets to know information about the links they are using like the least and top clicked as well as the newest ones. They also feature an output format that supports XML and JSON also referred to as simple raw text.

About Blake Embrey, Inc

Blake Embrey, Inc remains the number one company that offers an easy and effective way that a person can shorten the links and view the webpage at the same time. The company gives out simple instructions that can be used by anyone. Other than this, one also gets to know all the tools that are needed to make the process successful. Individuals can contact the company or visit http://gi.vc/ to get more information on the amazing company.


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